App of the Week: WorldCard Mobile

Business cards are a great way of collecting people’s information at events or in passing; it saves the awkward fumble of phones while exchanging numbers, but essential contact information tends to be most useful on our electronic devices. Well the solution, WorldCard Mobile. This App allows you to scan your business cards and upload the information to your phone.

While there are other Apps that do a similar job, WorldCard Mobile gains our favour. It seems to be the best and most accurate in terms of scanning cards, as well as offering QR code recognition and is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Features of the App include:

-Text recognition with high-speed scanning and update

-Nine language recognition

-Create groups of contacts with Card Holder, great for organizing contacts

-Merge new data into existing contacts

-Add Social Network function

-Export card information to Excel/Gmail file

-Supports iCloud and Dropbox storage

Any downsides?

While this App is great, when you scan make sure you place the business card you are scanning on a well-lit, flat surface for the best results. 

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The app costs £4.99 from the App Store but Android users can get theirs for £3.79 from Google Play, either way we think the high price tag is worth it, especially if you’re one for always losing business cards.



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