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As we’re adding the final touches to out next customer video, we thought we’d have a little fun and give you the chance to get your hands on a prize that supports an independent designer.

Designer and customer, Gemma May Hotchkiss, has created a world where pandas and dinosaurs coexist in her Jurassic Panda range which she sells through her online store on Etsy, in her bid to turn her talent into a business.

Jurassic Panda work have put together a prize bundle using one of each Jurassic Panda product Gemma has available on her Etsy store and have thrown in an extra 500 Rewards Points to create a fantastic prize bundle. The bundle includes 3x Jurassic Panda postcards (shown above), a Jurassic Panda Oyster/Pass holder and a handheld mirror, plus 500 Rewards Points. All you have to do to win is tell us how many times pandas appear in Gemma’s video as a comment below and subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

The winner will be announced Friday 31st August at 5:00pm.

 Good luck!

Only one entry per account. Prize awarded within 7 days of announcing the winner. All entrants must be registered users of and logged in to their account. All entrants must subscribe to the YouTube channel. All valid competition entries will receive 100 rewards points for entering. All valid comments will receive 50 rewards points. The points will be added to the Users’ accounts manually within 7 days. If more than one person gives the correct answer, then the winner will be selected at random.



Chris Royle
28 Aug 2012 18:09
18 pandas in total - and spread over 12 different slides
Colette Gambell
28 Aug 2012 19:12
Love the idea :)

16 or 20 if you count the slide it's finished on!
Ali (hello DODO)
28 Aug 2012 20:18
18 lovely pandas!
David Fern
28 Aug 2012 21:35
18 Pandas.
Cai Morris
29 Aug 2012 01:59
18 pandas
Darryn Mutch
29 Aug 2012 09:01
17 Cartoon pandas
1 Fluffy panda
4 written pandas

22 pandas in total
Daniel Olivier-Argyle
29 Aug 2012 14:52
18 Pictures of Pandas in the video.

The frame used as a preview for the video also has 3, but it's not part of it, so it's 18!

I feel strangely compelled to buy all of Jurassic Panda's stock... : )
greg coates
30 Aug 2012 13:00
19 pandas I see!
simon costello
31 Aug 2012 11:33
Great that are supporting the creative community! 23 appearances of Panda.
Nick McBurney
31 Aug 2012 16:49
i can see 20 pandas
Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
31 Aug 2012 17:05
That's it every one. Time is up. A few of you have all given the correct answer so the winner will now be selected at random. Make sure you have all subscribed to the YouTube channel too so you'll know about our next video based competitions straight away!

Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
03 Sep 2012 15:49
Congratulations to Dan Olivier-Argyle, 18 Pandas indeed.

Your prize is on its way.


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