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It’s always exciting when we get post that isn’t just bills, but when was the last time you got some goodies through your letter box? 

Last month, travelled to Scotland to visit Claire and Isobel from Crafty Creatives to find out a little more about how their growing business is helping people get crafty.

Everyone seems to be crafty these days; Pinterest is fit to bursting with crochet patterns and fun ideas for empty Mason Jars, Etsy acts as a marketing place for people to sell their homemade creations and the ‘make do and mend’ attitude has made a triumphant return.

Claire and Isobel have always been passionate about arts and crafts and now they want to share that. Crafty Creatives is a subscription package where different themed craft goods are delivered to your door and Crafty Creatives have kindly donated a box to be won in a new competition with The box is the fourth in the series from Crafty Creatives and will hold a variety of craft materials, patterns and more. Past boxes have been themed around florals and nautical patterns so who knows what’s to come next. 

After seeing the growing success of Crafty Creatives, made a video with the girls during the build-up to the release of their much anticipated Box Three. One of the goodies that came in the Japanese themed craft box, the third in the series, was a little wooden figure to make a Kokeshi doll. and the girls hid some of the completed dolls around the room for Claire and Isobel’s interview. If you can spot all of the dolls, you could be the lucky winner of the fourth Crafty Creatives box, due to be released on October 16th.

To get involved, simply subscribe to our youtube channel and watch our Crafty Creatives video.

Once you have spotted all the dolls, leave us a comment below telling us how many there are for your chance to win Box Four from Crafty Creative, plus 500 Rewards Points. Thie winner will be announced by 5pm Friday October 19th.

Good luck!

Only one entry per account. Prize awarded within 7 days of announcing the winner. All entrants must be registered users of and logged in to their account. All entrants must subscribe to the YouTube channel. All valid competition entries will receive 100 rewards points for entering. All valid comments will receive 50 rewards points. The points will be added to the Users’ accounts manually within 7 days. If more than one person gives the correct answer, then the winner will be selected at random.


Peder Johnsen
08 Oct 2012 07:57
I see 6 dolls.
Omotoke Olagbaju
08 Oct 2012 13:44
There are 6 dolls hidden in the clip. ^_^
Anna Gohren
10 Oct 2012 11:18
I could only see 5 dolls peeps
Paul Hopkins
10 Oct 2012 11:45
6 Dolls! :-)
10 Oct 2012 15:47
6 Dolls. Hope that's right and there were no more hidden.
Jamie Bishop
10 Oct 2012 16:50
I make it 6, think there's one at the back on the left (yellow), hard to see.
Alexandra Bertram
11 Oct 2012 14:21
I make it six too but the sixth is pretty hard to spot and I'm still not 100% sure it's actually a doll!
11 Oct 2012 19:55
I spot 6 for sure. I recognise them from the CC blog posts as well ;)

Love the stuff, thinking about getting some things for my own business when I get the design part down!
Deborah Smith
11 Oct 2012 23:27
Subscribed on YouTube and spotted six dolls!
Kara Spencer
13 Oct 2012 14:18
I have spotted 6 dolls. One is very hard to see on the left.
I have subscribed to website and you tube channel. Now off to look at your site
16 Oct 2012 16:19
I see 6 dolls!
Sara Stacey
16 Oct 2012 19:46
6 dolls
16 Oct 2012 19:46
I think there are 5 dolls
Marina Cerra
17 Oct 2012 09:13
I think I can see six dolls!
I'm new to and love it, cool videos on youtube too....this needs to be tweeted :)
Amber Weinberg
17 Oct 2012 15:44
Six dolls!!
Amber Makeyev
17 Oct 2012 15:46
I see six!
jane Turnbull
17 Oct 2012 17:57
i spot six dolls as well!
Marina Cerra
17 Oct 2012 18:20
I could count six dolls! I am new to and loving it. Should start thinking about placing an order pretty soon!
Hannah Ackroyd
18 Oct 2012 17:40
6 dolls are hiding around there!
Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
19 Oct 2012 10:32
Wow! So many people taking part! The competition ends today at 5pm. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel too so that your entry is valid.

Good Luck.
Hannah Ackroyd
21 Oct 2012 09:41
I just realised that when I entered the competition I have subscribed with the wrong youtube account. I have rectified this now...I hope it's not too late!
Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
22 Oct 2012 11:51
Hey guys! As so many of you have given the correct answer I'm afraid we have to be oh so very unoriginal and pick the winner out of a hat! We will announce the winner this afternoon.
Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
23 Oct 2012 10:51
Finally, we have a winner! Congratulations to Sara Stacey. You have won a free Crafty Creatives box 4. Please email your contact details to so we can arrange your prize!

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