Win 10,000 reward points with TV is growing and our video content is too. What started as an introduction to back in October 2011 has evolved into Channel P, a channel of customer stories, product insights and even a little fun on the side.

To celebrate passing the 10,000 views mark on our youtube channel, we want to get you involved in the creative process and hand out a prize to make it that bit more interesting. The winner will have a whopping 10,000 printed points added to their account, which can then be put toward anything in the new Reward Programme, from free print to iPads, office supplies to stock imagery. are looking to create a spoof movie, based on a clip from a real film. To warm up your movie buff brain, think along the lines of the classic business card scene from ‘American Psycho’.

Simply post your suggestion in the comments below and subscribe to the TV channel on youtube here to enter. You don’t need a link or the exact clip, just a description of the scene and the film title. Think anything from presenting a business card, designing a movie poster to even opening a birthday card. There’s plenty to choose from (we thought of 8 in 5 minutes, but we're print geeks).

We’ll pick our favourite and announce the winner on Facebook on Friday 17th of August at 4pm. The winner will also have the chance to throw in some suggestions of what do in their spoof remake.

Good luck, we can’t wait to see them!

•Terms: Only one entry per account. Prize awarded within 7 days of announcing the winner. Winner selected at discretion of Friends and relatives of staff may not enter. Must be a registered user of and logged in to your account to enter. All valid competition entries will all receive 100 reward points for entering., All valid comments will receive 50 points. These points will be added manually to the Users' accounts within 7 days.


Matt Moran
11 Aug 2012 21:38
This would be my entry if I could enter.

Tadas Labudis
13 Aug 2012 09:19
The classic from the Office Space:
Ian Price
13 Aug 2012 09:45
The scene in Wayne's World 2 where Garth is making the "Waynestock" poster whilst Wayne is on the phone trying to book Aerosmith.

Garth turns to Del and says "Del, look. For years I thought this was a Mercedes emblem" when referring to the peace sign.

The scene ends with Garth holding up a copy of the poster he made "hey wayne, look what I made"
Edie OP
14 Aug 2012 16:00
I don't know if this is a bit tenuous but I enjoyed it:

Paul Blart Mall Cop, everyone deserves a card on their birthday

To be honest though, I really think you should go with the American Psycho business card scene : )
Alex Griffin
15 Aug 2012 09:29
Great entries so far ladies and gents. Remember we're going to recreate the winning entry so if think of what we'd be like remaking the scene you choose.

To see a slightly foolish example of what we've done before, check out one of the early videos we did for Valentines here:

Good luck!
Olivier Jauniaux
23 Aug 2012 11:22

I would merge this with an action movie spoof where the weapons are the business cards! Check this guy out!

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