Why your business should be blogging right now

Everyone is talking about blogging and how to do it. Last year you may have read our two part blog special ‘How to be the ultimate blogger’ where we shared our tips on writing the perfect post and getting more views.  Not so many people have actually talked about why you should blog and the advantages it has for your business. So we are here to clearly spell out the benefits of blogging.

1.       Google loves juicy content

Google loves fresh content — fact. Your website can actually be penalised for not creating new content. Having a blog is a great way of ensuring that you are constantly creating fresh content. When you create such new content, Google and other search engines can see that your site is still active and this really helps to boost your SEO rankings. Having lots of original blog posts on your site will also mean your site will have more indexed pages which also help to boost your SEO efforts. Let’s face it: what Google says goes.

2.       It allows you to showcase your expertise

Blogging allows you to write relevant content that is of interest and beneficial to your audience. This allows your business to demonstrate just how much you know and the extent of your expertise in your chosen field. Customers that visit your website will remember where they found answers to their questions and return to the site.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise in a way that testimonials and awards never can. Becoming a real expert in your field will help to build confidence and the reputation for your business, attach to your posts your google authorship account and once again google will find your more relevant in your field and thus increase you ranking on the SERPS ( search engine results pages).

3.       It gives you fantastic content for social media

Blog posts are fantastic for sharing on social media. They give you something helpful to share and can really help to build your brand. You could break a post like this down in to five separate posts. Research has shown that people prefer to see articles in their feeds and Facebook is making changes to their algorithm (edgerank) to make articles have ore presence in needs feed than images and memes. If Facebook is changing the way it appeases its users, surely this is a good indication that article marketing works?

4.       It gives your customers (and potential customers) a reason to stay on your site

The more interesting and relevant content you have on your website; the more time your visitors will spend on your site reading it. This means they spend more time learning about your company and what you have to offer. Your company can start to become a resource to customers rather than just a provider.

5.       Blogging increases your interaction with your customers

Blogging is a fantastic way to interact with your customers, particularly if you are an online business that lacks real face to face contact. Readers can leave comments and questions on your blog. You can then answer these questions and start to build rapport with your customers.

Now you are not only armed with our ultimate blogger tips you also know why it’s so important for your business. So what’s stopping you? Get out there and start blogging for your business. 


Deepak Bista
30 Jan 2014 11:10
Thank you for your suggestions and will take it seriously and start blogging with your suggestions!
David Brookes
30 Jan 2014 11:46
I totally agree, we have just started a blog on our site
Steve Black
30 Jan 2014 16:06
Blogging has done wonders for our business. This blog offers great advice for people who are looking to dip their toes into online marketing. The possibilities are endless.
Alex Wilkie
31 Jan 2014 09:34
i guess blogging it is then
Karla Hall
07 Feb 2014 14:01
Blogging is a great way to keep customers updated on your latest products
Su Mwamba
13 May 2014 18:49
I've been blogging for years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how a random google search can bring somebody new to my work via a blog post I have long since forgotten about. Not to mention a blog is great for keeping followers up to date with new stuff, too, of course!
01 Feb 2016 09:38
Yes, blogging has proved really beneficial for me.
30 Nov 2016 11:02
very interesting, blogging is a great way to increase business success
09 Feb 2017 09:00
i agree completely, it's really important in this day

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