Why your business should be using video

In recent years, video has been exploding across the internet; YouTube receives between 1 and 2 billion views everyday with thousands of companies adding video to their social strategies and is one of them.

In comparison to the advent of film, which was practically condemning considering it was misunderstood as a new technology, video is now regarded as a respected media and art form. In the business world, video is almost always chosen before written content as a source of information and search engines such as Google and Yahoo give priority listings to sites that host video content.

In short, if you’re not already incorporating video content into your business’ social strategy, then you should really get started. Not only will the presence of video on your site boost your visibility and ranking on Google, but simply posting your videos on another social platform will kick-start a whole new conversation about your business and will lead to new potential customers.

What kind of videos should I be making?

Anything and everything! Compact video cameras and even some SLRs can be bought pretty cheaply these days. Get your hands on one and take it with you everywhere. Many people who watch an online video pass the links on to their friends so you never know what could go viral.

Some top videos to get you started include;

• An introduction to your business

• A behind the scenes look at your business

• How to use your product/service

• Interviews and reviews use videos to promote new products, for ‘how to’ design tutorials, to take a behind the scenes look at the team, showcase customer testimonials and to promote our customers’ businesses. Also, we will soon launch a series on how we help and support independent charities in the UK.

If you need some inspiration or you want to keep up to date on all the latest video news you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. video latest; enter our competition with Crafty Creatives. Watch their interview and enter today.



29 Nov 2016 15:13
video is such a great way of engaging with clients, nice blog

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