Why business cards still matter and how you can effectively use them

In our current digital age it is easy to believe that traditional methods of marketing and securing business connections are long gone. After all, what's the point in a business card when you can just get in touch via LinkedIn? At printed, we truly believe that business cards do still matter as long as they're being used effectively.

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5 reasons why business cards still matter

Not convinced that you need business cards in this day and age? We have a ton of reasons why we know business cards still matter! However, we know you're busy so we'll keep it short with five of the most important.

1. Affordable marketing

Printing business cards is now more affordable than ever, which means they're one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available. Some businesses spend a fortune on their advertising campaigns, whereas others only have a small budget. Whichever category you fall into business card printing should be at the top of your 'must-have' list.

2. Showcase your personality

Having a creatively designed business card printed shows off more than just your name and phone number. Your custom business card showcases your business personality and branding, in ways that most digital platforms cannot. You can ensure you stand out from the crowd with beautifully designed and professionally printed business cards.

3. Professional image

By distributing business cards to your contacts you can improve your credibility and portray a more professional image. It shows that you care about your business and want to give potential clients an easy way to get in contact with you. What looks more professional; writing your web address on a scrap of paper or an eye-catching business card?

4. Portable and easy to distribute

What other marketing material can you carry around in your wallet and hand out to business connections? Business cards are the most portable way to advertise your business and connect with potential customers. You never know when you're going to bump into someone that wants to buy from you or work with you. Keep those business cards close, at all times!

5. All important first impressions

Encompassing many of the points we have already touched on, a business card is vital if you want to make the right first impression. It can show off your personality and branding, improve your credibility, and ensure you come across as professional. Business card printing being an affordable and portable way to market, is the icing on the cake.

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Many of these reasons are why handing out business cards initially became a popular option to connect with others. We don't think that the digital age has tainted these reasons at all, in fact they have made some of them stronger. With so many people now saying, “Send me an e-mail with your details”, you'll certainly stand out from the crowd with a business card.

How to effectively use business cards
Now that we know why business cards still matter, and how important they are as part of your business marketing, let's see how to effectively use them. We'll take a look at all of the information you should include on your business card, including how to stand out from the crowd.

What information to include on your business card

If you want to use your business cards effectively then it is vital to know what information should be included. Everyone has their own favourite method of communication, so the more information you include the better. Here are the must-haves on your business cards:

  • Your business name – This is quite an obvious one, of course! Make sure this is clearly displayed and makes use of your branding or image.
  • Your name and job title – The job title is important, as people want to know what you do and how you will be able to help them.
  • Contact number and e-mail – The most basic of contact information should also be clearly displayed, as these are the most used methods for people to get in touch.
  • Social networks – If your business regularly uses social media to keep in touch with customers then ensure you include this information. We would recommend putting long links at the back!
  • Website address – This is vitally important, especially if you provide a lot of company information on the website. It's also perfect if you sell directly from the site itself.

Make sure that all of your important information is prominent before getting business cards printed, as this will be what people will most likely look at first. It can be difficult to ensure your business card looks great with all this information, without looking cluttered. Make sure you strike a good balance between being packed with contact details and beautifully designed.

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How to stand out from the business card crowd

When you first hand over your business card to a potential client, you want them to be amazed. This will help you stick out in their mind and in their wallet; amongst all of the other business cards they've been handed. If you want to stand out from the crowd then here are some top tips:

  • Create something unique – Whether you're designing the business card yourself, or are roping someone else in to help, make sure you focus on creating something unique. Avoid the bog standard designs and go for something truly eye-catching instead. You'll find some wonderful inspiration on the printed website and places such as Pinterest.
  • The quality is important – When it comes to business cards printing, it is imperative you put a strong focus on quality. You don't want potential customers thinking you're a cheapskate! Luckily, we only ever print quality business cards here, so you're in safe hands. Opt for professional stock and thicker card, to truly impress business connections.
  • The little touches – Think up ways of creating a business card that makes life easier and you're onto a winner. QR codes for website and social media addresses are a brilliant way to do this. How about a little space for connections to write note or appointment times? These little touches will amaze potential customers and make their life easier.

There are so many ways you can stand out from the crowd, when it comes to your business card. Get your creative hat on and dream up some truly fantastic ideas of how your business card will amaze and inspire. You'll be impressed at what a difference it can make and how many more phone calls you get.

So, what do you think? Do you think that business cards are still important in this digital age? We think that as long as you know how to use them effectively, then this is definitely the case. Let us know your thoughts, and your top tips for effective business card use, in the comments box below! 


Alex Wilkie
27 Nov 2014 10:50
all the e-mail introductions in the world won't top a memorable card.
Charlotte Barrett
30 Nov 2014 11:37
This is great as i am just starting out and will need great business card ideas!
29 Mar 2016 14:48
useful blog, very important to get the design right.

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