Why blog?

As a lot of you may already know, we love blogging here at Anything from business advice and design tips to our own videos. We even have some bloggers on the team. Obviously, blogging isn’t for everyone but there are some great benefits to blogging as a small business.

Although most businesses have switched their communications over to social media, you’ll be surprised how much power your blog can hold. For one thing, a blog requires more than just a quick glance through a newsfeed, you’ve already caught their attention and now they’re interested in you.

Still, many of you may still be asking, why blog in the first place?

1. Increase your following and traffic

Especially when the content is shared across your social media platforms , this is one of the easiest ways to build your company’s following and therefore increase traffic to your site.

2. Trust in your brand

By sharing content that’s of interest or useful to your readers will help create the impression that you are a brand to be trusted as you are putting in extra effort to help and engage with your audience.

3. Profit

This may be slow initially but as your blog following grows you’ll eventually see an increase in your profit especially if you include relevant links to different areas of your site.

O.K, so now you have an idea of why you should be blogging, where do you start with the content?

When thinking about what you should blog about, you should consider your target audience. Look to your customer base and your social following if you need some pointers.

With this in mind here are some tips we have picked up during our own blogging endeavours.

• What are your followers interested in?
Does your following mainly consist of small business, creative or your standard consumer? Tap into their interests when considering new content to keep them engaged and coming back.

• Your products
You are a business after all. The majority of your following are more than likely already customers of yours. For these readers you should try blogging about new ways to use your products. For the new readers you gain you should aim to introduce them to the products you sell, the benefits of using them and get them excited about new products too.

• Current events and trends
This is one of the best ways you can turn your following into more of a community. By providing content on current events in your industry or even trending themes on the internet, as we did with our recent Harlem Shake video, and sharing opinions, you’ll spark more conversations with your following and create the impression that you’re all a part of a unique network.

So if you’re ready to start your own blog feel free to leave us a link in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check you out to.

Happy blogging!


05 Dec 2015 13:43
Good intro, thanks

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