Which business card are you?

Top personality scientists here at have carefully constructed this quiz to help you look deep into your own psyche and discover which business card truly represents you. Magnetic, Lux, recycled, square, textured or original; which one are you?

1.    You’re going out for dinner, where do you decide to eat?
A)    The fanciest restaurant in town—only the best will do for me!
B)    I’ll stick with what everyone else wants to do.
C)    Simple, tasty home cooking sounds good to me.
D)    A sushi place, because I like my food small and yummy.
E)    I’m heading to a finger food buffet.

2.    Your ideal car is…
A)    I’d settle for something sleek and expensive.
B)    A practical van or people carrier would suit me.
C)    Something smart and reliable.
D)    A small, zippy little number.
E)    I’d like something with a lush leather interior.

3.    How would you describe your job?
A)    Super impressive.
B)    Helpful and useful to everyone.
C)    Really rewarding but not too complicated.
D)    Unusual and totally quirky.
E)    Really hands-on.

4.    Which of these best represents your style?
A)    Perfect tailoring, top-notch fabric and utter originality.
B)    I like to dress practically and be ready for anything.
C)    Simple, but with a splash of individuality.
D)    Totally off the wall—I don’t like to do the expected.
E)    Faux fur, velvet, denim, lace…anything that feels nice.

5.    Who is your dream date?
A)    Someone strong and good looking with real ‘wow’ factor.
B)    I like a magnetic personality.
C)    A good-hearted guy/gal.
D)    Someone weird and wonderful.
E)    A multi-layered individual with lots of facets to explore.


Luxury business cards

Mostly A’s: the Lux card
Ooh la la! Your taste for the finer things in life mean you’re the Lux card. This triple layered card weighs in at 810gsm and has a unique coloured core that makes it the most elite card you’ll find at

Magnetic business cards

Mostly B’s: Magnetic
Handy, practical and (ahem) attractive, you must be a magnetic business card! They’re brilliant for tradesmen, salons, take-away restaurants and anyone who wants their number to be available at the drop of a hat—whenever the occasion calls for it!

Original Silk business cards

Mostly C’s: Original
The perfect blend of simplicity and quality, you’re an uncomplicated individual that resembles our very own original business card. A canvas for any brand or any occasion, these cards let your own personality shine through.

Square business cards

Mostly D’s: Square
The party don’t start ‘til you walk in! Your penchant for the unusual and desire to stand out makes you the perfect match for our square business card. Small but perfectly formed, these cards are real conversation starters.

Textured business cards
Mostly E’s: Textured
Touchy feely and more than meets the eye, you’re a textured business card if ever we saw one! Stimulate those fingertips and bring designs to life with a choice of four textured papers ranging from classical to the unusual. You won’t be able to put them down!


25 Jun 2015 09:34
Lux looks brilliant, would be great to know the CMYK colour values of the different fill colours.
David Brookes-Lennon
01 Jul 2015 21:45
I cant wait to order the Lux ones
Adam Smith
06 Jul 2015 09:44
We ordered the Lux cards and they are amazing. Great quality. Would definitely recommend them.
Alex Wilkie
29 Sep 2015 10:56
I dont seem to be mostly anything so they all have certain appeal to me
Matthew Simmons
08 Aug 2017 11:16
Some really nice designs here - loved the blog piece! I got mostly A's naturally

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