Which bound brochure are you?

Are you versatile enough to be a saddle stitched brochure? Flexible enough to be wiro? Maybe you’re a bit of a fancy pants perfect bound type person? Take the quiz and find out which brochure type best describes you…

1.    You’re standing in the local coffee shop, ready to order your favourite beverage. Which size do you go for?

A)    Supersize — I love a lot in my cup and as they say; bigger is better.
B)    Middle of the road is just right for me! I’ll take a medium (hold the foam).
C)    I like my hot beverages small but perfectly formed.

2.    Your friend drags you to a yoga class. How do you get on?

A)    Not great, I’m pretty stiff.
B)    Are you kidding? I’m as flexible as a piece of twisty liquorice.
C)    Okay. I’m bendy enough to scrape by, anyway.


3.    When it comes to reading, which of these would you rather have your nose in?

A) A magazine, so I can catch up on all the latest news and trends.
B) An instruction manual, because I just love learning how things fit together.
C) A catalogue so I can browse products and make my own mental shopping list.


4.    My ideal date is…

A)    Fancy, flush and ready to take me out somewhere nice.
B)    Practical and easy going.
C)    Adventurous and ready for anything!

5.    You’ve found yourself in the middle of a sticky situation, how do you hold together?

A)    I stick with my friends like glue. There’s power in numbers!
B)    I chill out and try not to stress.
C)    I stand straight and keep my head up.

Mostly A’s
Perfectly perfect in every way, you’re a perfect bound brochure! The binding means they aren’t afraid to go large, holding anything up to 240 pages and leave a very fancy, high end finish to any document. Dahling!

Mostly B’s:
Flexible, easy going and practical, you’re a wiro bound brochure if ever we saw one! The spiral wire binding lets pages move freely so that pages can lie flat and open—perfect for instruction manuals r documents used for reference. Very chill.

Mostly C’s:
Versatile and ready for anything—saddle up, because you’re a saddle stitched brochure. Small but perfectly formed, these are great for documents up to 40 pages and are a firm favourite. How does it feel to be the popular kid?

Now that you know which one you are, you’re probably hankering to start printing brochures. You can find perfect bound brochures, wiro bound brochures and saddle stitched brochure printing on the site. Why not share your results by leaving a comment in the box below.


David Brookes-Lennon
20 May 2015 20:50
Im "Versatile and ready for anything" :-)
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
21 May 2015 10:53
Mostly C's! :D xox
21 May 2015 11:34
I have done this twice now and once I wiro and the other I was perfect bound....I'm having a brochure ID crisis! help!

Emma Carney @printed
22 May 2015 12:33
I'm a wiro bound brochure - practical & chill :)
22 May 2015 20:19
I'm an A - perfect!
Stuart Glegg
25 May 2015 10:21
Having a wire bound phase at the moment, love them!
02 Apr 2016 08:36
I'm a wiro-bound too LOL!
Flourish and Luxe
22 Feb 2018 11:39
Flexible, easy going and practical, sounds like us all over!

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