What’s your Valentine’s Day design type?

Valentine’s Day is only a few sleeps away and you’re probably sat there, frantically wondering which Valentine’s Day design style is right for you. Thank heaven’s for this quiz, that’s all we can say.

Just answer the questions below and tally up your choices to find enlightenment.

1) Where are potential love interests most likely to find you hanging out?

A) I’ll be soaking up some culture at a local museum.
B) At the graveyard, writing poetry and contemplating death.
C) Hugging puppies and kittens at the animal shelter.
D) Loaded up with snacks in the back row of the cinema.

2) Choose your ideal Valentine’s Day gift

A) You can’t go wrong with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.
B) Taxidermy. All day, every day.
C) Something handmade, like delicious cookies or a mix tape.
D) The latest must-see series on DVD.

3) You're dressing to impress your Valentine, what’s your go-to outfit of choice?

A) Simple tailoring in elegant colours.
B) Whatever it is, it’ll be black. Black goes with everything.
C) Bright colours with some fun jewellery or cufflinks.
D) My very best sarcastic movie-reference t-shirt, smartened up with a blazer.

4) It’s time to get some romantic tunes on the go. Which track do you pick?

A) Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
B) Love Song - The Cure
C) Love Story - Taylor Swift
D) Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds

5) Okay, it’s time to cook that special Valentine’s Day feast. What are you whipping up?

A) The nicest steak I can find.
B) Black velvet cake. It’s a thing, I can assure you.
C) Cupcakes of every kind!
D) Take-away, but I’ll really push the boat out and serve it on plates.

6) And your cocktail of choice is…

A) I’m making a champagne cocktail served up in a traditional champagne saucer.
B) A nice goblet of blood red claret.
C) A strawberry daiquiri with loads of umbrellas and sparklers.
D) A pan galactic gargle blaster or a five dollar shake.

7) It’s your turn to pick the film, so naturally you go for…

A) Pride and Prejudice—people just don’t fall in love like that nowadays!
B) Bride of Frankenstein, because if you can’t find the perfect partner, you should be able to make one yourself.
C) You can’t beat The Princess Bride for adorable, clean family fun.
D) Grease—great costumes, great tunes, awesome quotes, the list goes on!

8) Who are the best Valentines of all time?

A) Romeo and Juliet
B) Count Dracula and Mina Harker
C) Cinderella and Price Charming
D) Han Solo and Princess Leia

How did you score?

Mostly As: You’re a classic romantic
What’s wrong with a classy love heart or some roses? Nothing, that’s what. Your Valentine’s Day designs are traditional and proud of it.

Classic romance design

Mostly Bs:
You’re glamourous gothic
Oh my goth! Light some black candles, pour some claret and read some Edgar Allen Poe to your Valentine, because your design style is gothic.

gothic valentines design

Mostly Cs:
You’re a sweetheart
Well aren’t you cute?! Adorable puns, hearts and cherubs float your love boat. You’re so sweet you’re giving us toothache.

cute valentines design

Mostly Ds:
You’re a pop-culture lover
Your ideal Valentine’s Day designs are rife with movie quotes, song lyrics, memes or icons, and all with your own unique twist added. They’re B-E-A-utiful.

pop style valentines design


Keziah Herbert
13 Feb 2016 10:10
Haha I ended up somewhere between A, B and D! I'm clearly a weird chic...
Lovely quiz, thank you
13 Feb 2016 11:26
LOL!!! Looks like I'm a 'Glamorous Gothic' :D
18 Feb 2016 15:39
Is anyone Bs?!
Flourish and Luxe
09 Feb 2018 08:05
We ended up as an odd combination of A,C and D!

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