Weekend workers – logistics manager meets photographer

It’s what the weekends were made for! Don’t bother with lie-ins, brunches or doing a spot of gardening – weekends this October are all about getting the job done and getting a saving while you’re at it. 

To kick off the start of our weekend workers campaign, we met Dan Collins, who is a bit of a reverse Batman. By day he follows his passion in photography as Founder and Owner of Third Avenue Photography, and by night he works his full-time job as a Logistics Manager.


What is your day job like?

“I suppose I'm a little reversed in the sense that my day job is photography and I work nights at Kuehne and Nagel. I'll generally start around 8pm at my logistics job, where I oversee the entire build program we look after, which includes all variants of aircraft currently built by us in the U.K. It's my job to ensure the suppliers are getting us the items on time, that we are quality inspecting them and then shipping them out to customers on time. I've also got to ensure that all work orders are closed down properly and financed before reaching the final customer. I have a team of approximately 50 that work under me so I manage HR while on shift too.” 


When did you become interested in photography?

“I've always enjoyed taking photos but I didn't get into it properly until I moved to Australia. I quit my previous job in the UK with no forward plans or job to go to. I saw an advert on TV which said, "Visit Australia", so I did! I booked myself into a hostel for the first week I was there and while relaxing on the beach I got talking to a photographer who happened to be a reality TV star from the UK. He offered me a spare room at his house and the rest is history! I learnt from him and spent most of my savings on camera gear.”


How did you turn your photography hobby into a business?

“Very unintentionally! I started taking photos, people liked them and then recommended me. Before I knew it I had more demand that I could cope with and things took off from there.” 


How do you balance your time between being committed to two jobs?

“I set my day into blocks. 8pm-6am I focus on Kuehne & Nagel, 6:30am - 12pm I sleep, 1pm - 7:30pm is photography. As long as I keep to those time slots during the week I tend to be fine. Weekends are devoted to photography all day though.” 


How do you promote and grow your photography business?

“It's all through word of mouth. I haven't had to spend a penny on advertising so far as I occasionally get celebrity bookings for headshots which usually creates a bit of a buzz.” 


What has been a favourite photography project or picture of yours?

“The Joker series was the best for me. It all started out as a bit of fun but that set of images has won me plenty of prizes and created a lot of work. It was also insanely fun to do too!”


What advice would you give to fellow full-time workers pursuing a dual career? 

“Don't do it ha ha! I'm kidding... sort of. If you are going to do it, have an end goal. I've become too comfortable in my dual career and gotten myself in to a routine which is hard to get out of. If you have an end goal, things will be a lot easier!”


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Visit to check out Dan’s work. 


18 Oct 2016 16:34
Love the photo at the top - extreme photography!
20 Oct 2016 08:44
excellent blog, best of luck to Dan
25 Feb 2017 12:26
what a talent you have, joker photo just stunning

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