Wedding stationery timeline: your guide to ordering in plenty of time

A wise man once said: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We don’t know who that man was, but we can certainly agree with him. Making sure all your wedding stationery is ordered with plenty of time to spare is essential; not only will it help you feel more organised and relaxed, it’s also shows your guests that you’ve considered them.

Just so you have an idea of when to get everything printed and sent, we’ve created a stationery timeline starting from twelve months before the wedding day (if you want to be extra prepared and start before this, go right ahead!).

The question’s been popped and the countdown begins…


Twelve months to go

Now is the time you’ll want to ask your guests to save the date. If you’re hoping for maximum attendance from your nearest and dearest, twelve months is our best recommendation to print and send these out. For those that want to play it fast and loose, the time can be cut down to six months.


Six months to go

Around the six month mark is when you’ll be printing up the first large bulk of your wedding stationery. We recommend getting your invitations/evening invitations and RSVP cardsready with lots of time to spare. If you get a batch back and decide that you don’t like the font/colour/paper, you’ll still have time to get everything re-arranged. You can push this down to four months, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.


Four months to go

Things are going to start heating up now; you’ll have your RSVPs back and will be ready to start ordering the second largest bulk of wedding stationery. Table stationery like place cards, table plans and menus are best when ordered two to four months before they’re needed.

One month to go

Almost there! Stay on top of things by making sure you order your Order of service one month before the wedding day. Ideally this will be printed last so you can make sure that any final changes are included.

The wedding day

You just enjoy this bit!

Three months afterwards

So now that everything has settled down into delicious wedded bliss, it’s time to think about thanking the guests. Some people like to order thank you cards before the wedding, but there are a lot of modern couples who prefer to use images taken on their wedding day for the front of the card. Whatever you decide, etiquette suggests that there’s a three month window to get these babies out.



We hope you found this helpful, but if you do have any questions about ordering your wedding stationery, just get in touch with our Customer Service team!




27 Aug 2014 16:41
Good luck getting rsvps back four months before the wedding! Would be nice, but not how it works in my experience...
Thom James
28 Aug 2014 11:43
This is a great blog and a worthy bookmark for everyone looking to get their wedding stationary from Stick to the structure, and you will be sure to get everything you need in time and under budget.
28 Aug 2014 14:50
great tips! thanks!
Alex Wilkie
29 Aug 2014 13:19
great advice, only slightly related but I am going to a wedding and cannot get a room at the venue because of being informed late.
29 Aug 2014 14:51
Some nice tips about when to get things done! I once ended up doing an order of service for a client just one week before the wedding...we got it done but it was stressful!
30 Aug 2014 09:42
I wish this was how people did it, it would make my life easier!
Charlotte Barrett
07 Dec 2014 21:19
i wish people would contact me for stationary this way!
18 Dec 2014 14:35
Thanks Thom, we do try :)
18 Dec 2014 14:40
We hope that you got it sorted in the end Alex? It's a nightmare when that happens.

Clare and Charlotte, would it just? feel free to share it with your potential customers!

Vicki- Wow, now that is dedication. I hope that they appreciated it!
09 Apr 2015 07:53
Just turned round a wedding card design and print in 4 days. Wis my friend had read this
07 Nov 2015 07:45
In an ideal world ;)..............

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