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Washable Face Masks – how to care for yours

Washable Face Masks are a great reusable option to keep you safe and protected (as long as you take care of them properly). Like any piece of protective equipment, it’s important to keep your mask clean and to store it carefully in between uses.

Read on for our short guide to improve the lifespan of your mask!

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How often should I wash my mask?

Being in close contact with your face for extended periods of time, you should wash your Face Mask after each use, even if it’s more than once a day. While you may not have sneezed or coughed into the material, it has still been in close proximity to your nose and mouth and may have picked up other external bacteria. It’s a good idea to have more than one mask available so that you can rotate between washes.

Where should I store my mask?

It’s important to handle your mask with care when not in use to avoid it getting dirty. Simply stuffing into a pocket or backpack could lead to contamination, so it’s best to use a bag or case solely for your mask. It needn’t be fancy – a simple ziplock bag will do the trick, just make sure that it avoids touching anything else externally.

It’s also good practice to take extra precautions and use hand sanitiser before and after touching your mask. Avoid tugging or adjusting the mask while it’s on your face as much as possible to avoid additional germ-spreading.

So, how do I actually wash my mask?

Washing a reusable Face Mask is incredibly simple, and can be both machine and hand-washed depending on your preference.

Using a washing machine: Wash your Face Masks on the warmest setting possible (minimum 60 degrees) with your regular laundry detergent or a fabric-safe disinfectant. Make sure to let it air dry as putting it in a tumble drier can warp the adjustable straps.

Hand washing: Fill a clean sink or large bowl with water as warm as possible, and scrub the mask gently with detergent for at least five minutes. Make sure to check that all remnants of dirt and makeup have been removed before rinsing with cold water. Finally leave somewhere clean to air dry.

Top tip: It’s a good idea to wash your mask straight after purchasing too!

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Are washable Face Masks really essential?

With Face Masks now compulsory in many public spaces, it’s crucial that you have an adequate supply for personal use. Investing in two or more washable Face Masks means you’ll always have a spare available. Even if you don’t plan on heading out, always make sure to have a clean one with you for emergencies.

If you’re ever in doubt about when you need to use a mask, check the government’s website for all the latest information. Currently, this includes the following regulations:

  • Never share a Face Mask if it’s already been worn.
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible.
  • Sneeze and cough into your covering and wash your Face Mask as soon as possible if you do.
  • Your mask must cover your nose and mouth to be effective.
  • If you’re wearing it in a public space or on public transport, do not remove it or pull it down while inside.

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