VAT-free products - handy post-Christmas money savers

Taxes, let's face it, they're a necessary evil most of us try not to think about too much, especially in the wake of the wallet-emptying extravaganza that is Christmas. And with VAT still being at the mathematically easy but painful high of 20% and not looking to drop any time soon, we thought it might be nice to remind you that a number of our great print products are magically VAT exempt.

The logic behind a lot of exempted products in the full list is a little hard to fathom, so we've tried to keep things nice and simple. 


Whether it's a catalogue, directory, booklet, thesis or a coffe table book - if it's in our brochures category it's VAT free. So show off your art prints or products with pride in a wiro bound, saddle stitched or perfect bound brochure, and bask in the fact that the only VAT around will be your Very Artistic Touch. (And our perfect bound brochures are now up to 15% cheaper than they were last year - double score!) 

Leaflets and Flyers

Our floppy, informative friends, leaflets and flyers are also the beneficiaries of this totally-legal tax break. Although there are a few provisos that can muck up a stiff marketing plan. Firstly you have to order in quantities larger than 50 (we don't know why either), and the paper they are printed on must be 'limp' (maybe there was a painful 'postcard incident' somewhere in the list writer's past) and unlaminated.

We've simplified this and set the bar at paper weights up to and including 250gsm. So select any of our great paper stocks at 250gsm or below, whack up that order size to more than 50 and kapow - instant 20% saving! Isn't that nice. 

Want to get a little more information? Then your first port of call is our VAT info page here

Or if you're fascinated by the whole thing (we know we are), go straight to the source at the GOV.UK website here.


11 Jan 2016 02:19
Good to know, but the 'limp' leaflets thing is a bit random!
12 Jan 2016 08:49
Only just realised my last brochure order was tax free! Doh! Will definitely remember now!
Keziah Herbert
28 Jan 2016 12:40
Great to know! I had no idea my brochures were VAT free, I should have checked really!
31 Jan 2016 21:17
Thank you! This is definitely worth knowing. Always good to be able to save a bit where possible.
Su Mwamba
20 Feb 2016 07:59
Always good to remember: can often get more copies for lower price just by nudging qty a bit higher. It can really make a difference!
09 Apr 2016 14:24
I hadn't realised wiro bound brochures were vat free, useful to know
18 Dec 2016 12:05
useful to know
05 Feb 2017 10:08
Well worth know about this, thanks

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