Valentine's and Mother's Day product and gift inspiration

Ah, the season of love is almost upon us. So it's time to start getting your heart-stencils and bon mots about motherly love primed and ready, and prepare yourself for the approaching double-whammy of Valentine's Day and Mother's Day (Sunday 6th March). 

valentines cards


Yes, the floral PR machine has it that we should always say it with flowers, but while we do love a good bouquet (especially dahlias), you can't fit much on those tiny little card squares they tend to come with. If you're going to express some real heart-felt sentiment then the classic greetings card is really the only way to do it.

If you're an illustrator, photographer, or graphic designer, why not create your own lovely and loving line of cards? Whether it's a full range for sale on the high street or online, or even if you just want a couple of each design for personal use, you can get them in a fantastic range of ten card stocks, with four different sizes available and a choice of envelope colours to boot. And with personalisation now available, you can even get each one individually printed with the name of your many Valentines if that's how you roll.

But if you can actually express your love for your beloved, or your appreciation and admiration for Mum, fairly succinctly, then why not repurpose business cards as beautifully designed and printed gift cards or gift tags for a perfect finishing touch.

And of course you'll need some quality wrapping paper to adorn all those carefully selected presents. You can easily create your own romantic gift wrap using our A2 posters, making it possible for you (or your customers) to keep the surprise alive for another few thrilling and eye-pleasing moments. And it will also look great wrapped around a bunch of roses if that's the way you want to go.

Photos--and attractive prints thereof--are always popular with both mums and objects of affection alike, and you can chose from a great range including canvases, framed prints and even gorgeous Giclée Fine Art Prints in our Photography Collection. Or if you want to go for something a little more fun and informal, you can print them out as postcards or polaroid-style prints or stickers instead - a great idea if they're an Instagram aficionado!

Another great use for our postcards is to create arty and elegant gift vouchers. Great for spas, restaurants or experience providers putting on something special for these two big days, or a lovely way to offer your nearest and dearest the gift of 'promises' (aka IOUs) for the year ahead. 

Hopefully we've given you some inspiration on great products to stock your shelves--real or virtual--with and some fun gift ideas. As always feel free to share your Valentine's Day and Mother's Day ideas and designs with us below, and grab yoruself some Printed Points for your troubles! 


David Brookes-Lennon
15 Jan 2016 10:28
We love our Valentines day cards you guys printed and so do our customers - Thank You
Lisa B
22 Jan 2016 02:21
Not quite sure what I'd do without you guys when Valentine's & Mother's Day come around!

Thanks ♥
24 Jan 2016 19:58
Love the idea of using A2 posters as wrapping paper.
Keziah Herbert
28 Jan 2016 12:43
I printed my first valentines card this year, thanks for your help with it! I suspect the posters as wrapping paper is great, but postage to customers might make it unfeasible.
Su Mwamba
15 Feb 2016 07:39
Really must get around to (finally!) designing some giftwrap this year...
27 Feb 2016 10:46
Brilliant idea to use a poster as wrapping paper - make a gift very special.
05 Feb 2017 10:20
it's come round again already! great suggestions here
Flourish and Luxe
09 Feb 2018 08:07
We adore our card range from, they're so beautifully made. Thank you so much!

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