Universities vs. student unions: the shopping list-off

The 16/17 academic term is looming and if you’re a university or a student union, you’re going to have a fair bit of printing to get done before your campus is flooded with students once more. In the interest of being as helpful as possible, we’ve created two handy shopping lists, brimming over with print must-haves for student unions and for universities. So who’s using which products and what for? It’s time to begin the list-off!

The university shopping list
When you have to send out hundreds of pieces of day to day correspondence, entice prospective students through the door and produce high quality, informative literature, you’re going to need a go-to shopping list to cover all the bases. This is that list…

Letterhead printing

• Presentation Folders
With all that induction literature to contend with, popping everything into a handy presentation folder makes for an easy solution and one professional welcome pack. Try adding a business card slot so that you can include contact details as well as first rate information.

• Perfect Bound Brochures
End of year reports never looked so smart! Perfect bound brochures use the same glue-based binding as a high-end magazines, so they really make large reports and documents look fancy. They are also brilliant for course guides and even in-house study books.

• Saddle Stitched Brochures
One of the best ways to get more students through the door is by printing the perfect prospectus. Saddle stitched brochures are affordable, quick to order, and the simple binding means they can hold a lot of pages while still looking slick and professional.  Both brochures are now available in landscape orientation for more visual elements of your prospectus for example.

• Academic year calendars

Unlike a conventional calendar, academic calendars run from September to August, so they are specifically tailored to your needs. The dates and days in the quick-order template have all been populated so all you need to do is upload the artwork for your covers. 

• Certificates
What’s a university without high quality certificates? With all the different subjects and uses to consider, it’s lucky that you can choose from a range of textured papers or quality standard papers to fit all occasions.

• Stationery
An absolute essential for university administration staff, branded letterheads give all correspondence an official, professional finish that is essential for acceptance letters, invoices and other important documentation.

The student union shopping list
Raising money, promoting events, recruiting students into clubs and societies, and getting the latest SU bar deals out there. Student unions have their work cut out for them, but we’re on hand to help — the shopping list is already done!

Saddle stitched brochure printing

When each day of the week means a different event kicking off, you’re going to need a stash of posters at the ready. Spread the word with both indoor and outdoor posters, and use encapsulated posters for bar menus and bar table promotions.

Saddle Stitched Brochures
If you want to convince someone to join your club or society, a saddle stitched brochure may be just the thing. Cram it full of inspirational imagery, useful information about activities, schedules and joining fees. Job done!

There’s an art to creating buzz around an event, and banners are a key ingredient. You can choose from eco banner or vinyl, and add eyelets for easy hanging. Get your banner up in a high traffic area and really make an impact.

Leaflets & Flyers
Hand them out, leave them on the bar or keep them at the front desk — however you decide to use them, there’s no better way to promote something than with a flyer.

Strut Cards
Strut cards aren’t just for shops and retail displays, they’re also a great way to advertise the latest promotions at the student union bar or to place on fresher’s week display tables to get membership numbers up.

• Self-Adhesive Vinyl

If your event needs something more than a poster, you could turn your artwork into a cool wall decoration or feature design. With removable and repositionable self-adhesive options available, start thinking outside the box to transform your uni bar. 

If you’re ready to start shopping, click on through to the site. Remember, educational bodies and student unions get 15% off all orders, so if you aren’t registered, hot foot it over to the page here.


15 Sep 2016 14:28
Do you have any plans to do saddle stitched notebooks?

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