How to be the ultimate blogger: writing the perfect post

Anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection can write a blog post, but the key to getting to the top is to write clever. One of the largest misconceptions you’ll come up against is that you need to be a Perez Hilton-esque ‘blogger extraordinaire’ to get a good, solid readership and that’s just not so. There are some basic things you can do to make your posts more appealing to the eye, interesting and more readable. Read on and learn up…


      1.       Reel them in with a catchy headline

The first and most important point to touch on is the process of baiting your blog post with a catchy headline to snare readers. Statistics show that headlines which start with a number (e.g. Five Ways To Snare Readers, or Snare Readers In Five Easy Steps) or a ‘How To…’ will tempt more readers than a standard title.  You were tempted to click on this because you wanted to know how to be an ultimate blogger, and I promised to show you. Think about that.

You can have the best, most interesting blog post known to man, but if your title isn’t catchy enough, no one is going to click through and read it. Incite curiosity and make them want to read your work, and then give them content which satisfies that need.  Guaranteed readers, every time.

      2.       Keep it bitesize

At the risk of stating the obvious; many modern readers are easily distracted and want something they can get through quickly. If they click through to your post only to be confronted with a block of copy that reaches as far as the eye can see, they’re not going to bother.

Modern blog-trawlers want something quick and simple to digest. Write your post in subtitled sections and numbered or bullet point chunks so they can skip to the part they want to read— you’ll see better results and higher engagement.

      3.       Steer clear of waffle

No, I’m not talking about the tasty breakfast food— when it comes to blogging, it always pays to stay on topic and avoid tangents or side-tracks. Use social listening and social media to find out what people are talking about and build your post around this. If it doesn’t need to be in the post, edit it out.

      4.       Picture perfect

This point works in tandem with tip number two— adding some colourful images to your post makes it more appealing to the eye and gives the illusion that it is easy to read through. Breaking blocks of copy down with images make the post appear more carefully considered and makes for pleasant reading.

Top tip!
Invest in a good digital camera so that you can take your own high quality pictures and give your blog a more professional edge.

      5.       Even Hemingway had an editor…

The biggest mistake you can make as a blogger is fooling yourself into thinking that your work is an unalterable masterpiece. Make no bones about it: the copy you have after you finish is a first draft and needs to be looked over by someone else before you publish.

It’s easy to miss simple errors, inaccuracies or to write something incoherently (what makes sense to you might be wildly confusing to someone else). Always take your work to someone else and have them take a look over it. As a writer myself, I know it can be hard to take notes or criticism from someone else on something you’ve written, but trust me, it is necessary!

There you have it, top-notch blogging made simple. Follow these easy tips and you won’t be left fretting that you aren’t interesting, accurate or engaging— your hundreds of blog subscribers will be all the reassurance you’ll need!

Did you decide to use these tips to write your own blog posts? Are you already a high-flying blogger yourself? Pop a link in the comments box below and share your hard work with everyone else!


Alex Wilkie
24 Oct 2013 09:57 the know.

David Brookes
24 Oct 2013 22:21
I really need to get my blog up and running. Thanks for the tips
Cherry Sealed
25 Oct 2013 10:08
I'm just getting started with blogging, thanks for the tips :)
29 Oct 2013 15:41
thanks Emma,
some great tips here. I`ve done a few blogs through 'blogger' but how do you get more people to see them?
how do you share a link for example? I know I`m appearing dumb here!
Simon at Compass
Emma Cownley
30 Oct 2013 11:03
Hey Simon,

Abi has just written a post on this in part two of our blogger guide, I hope it helps you get your views up!
Anthony James
23 Nov 2013 19:38
A useful read and a good shot in the arm if you write blog posts
04 Jan 2016 11:02
interesting tips, thanks.

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