Top tools for small businesses - part two

We recently ran a blog post about the top internet tools for small businesses- the web was bursting at the seams with great stuff, and here’s the rest of it! These sites are among the best for tasks like setting up your own site, finding platforms for social media and project management, and the best applications for professional looking surveys.

Website help

Setting up a website is hard. Especially if you want it to be a good one. We’ve scoured the web for some new and easy ways to get a site set up, so that you can increase your online presence and reach customers in what is increasingly becoming an online world.

• GoDaddy

This site is a total go-to for setting up your own professional looking website. GoDaddy will help you set up your domain, host the page and then design it with customisable templates. The site is very user friendly and even has loads of tools to help you optimise how efficient the site is. They have several packages to choose from, and split the services up depending on whether you’re using the site for business or personal use.

• Tumblr/Wordpress/Blogger

Having a blog is extremely useful for issuing press releases, product updates, reviews, interviews and competitions. They are invaluable to writers, critics, photographers, and anyone keen on engaging with their customers by using related content.

Setting up a blog is incredibly easy, although you do need to make sure that you post regularly, and stay committed and interactive so your followers and subscribers stay engaged. Check out our social media guide and decide which blog site suits you best.

Social network helpers

Managing a load of different social networking sites can become a complete nightmare- it’s easy to get in a muddle, no matter how organised you are. Using a site which collates them all together for you is a simple, free way to make sure you keep all your sites in order.

• Hootsuite

Hootsuite has a lot of high profile users, and for a good reason! It allows you to track all posts and updates across a range of the most popular social networking sites, on one single interface, and can even check and track key words and schedule posts.

Project management organisation

Stay organised forever, and try a project management site to keep everything neat and accessible- these are especially useful for freelancers.

• Highrise

Highrise will allow you to organise and keep track of files, emails, proposals, deals and even texts you to make sure you follow a task up. You will have the option to share your stuff with a company or team, so swapping files and keeping everyone in the loop is simple. Very efficient!

• Basecamp

Similar to Highrise, Basecamp is a platform designed to make freelancing and project work far easier by helping you organise all your stuff and access it easily. You also have the option to use an application called Basecamp Breeze; an email application for small groups of up to 50 people. This means that book clubs, local classes or teams can all communicate without having to remember loads of email addresses or hit ‘reply all’. You can create your own group email address and everyone stays connected and in the know.

Research and feedback

Staying in tune with your customers’ needs is an important factor in achieving success, but you don’t have to do all the legwork yourself. There are sites which will help you collect data and arrange it to help you take your next steps as a company, or find out whether your newest project will be a success.

• SurveyMonkey

This is a free site which helps you collect data from your customers for marketing purposes. SurveyMonkey either lets you choose to use your own design or one of their templates, adding your logo and your company colours for authenticity. You will be offered a range of different questions types, including multiple choice, scale ratings or question templates, and can gain your insights in real time. Easy peasy!

When you look at all the options available, you definitely won’t be left tearing your hair out! With access to any of these online tools, you’ll be laughing your way to better customer service, more efficient communication and organised data in no time!

Do you use any of these online platforms or applications for your business? Let others know how you get on by leaving a comment below!


David Brookes
29 May 2013 13:40
Thanks for the tips, great blog post. I have just signed up to :-)
Lilly B
17 Jul 2014 13:35
Nice list but I would like to enlarge the project management section by adding Proofhub in it. Highly recommended for small business.
08 Dec 2015 19:23
Really useful info ~ both blog parts are great :)

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