Top Tips to promote your brand on Twitter

Twitter is one of the leading forces in social media, it’s one of the main (and free!) advertising channels you could use to establish your brand online. It can take some time to understand how to communicate on Twitter and some people find it challenge in comparison to the familiar Facebook. To make things easier, our social media girl, AJ (@smashleighjayne) has put together a quick list of tips to help get you on your way.

• Claim your brand’s Twitter handle and profile
A nice, easy start you might think but you’ll be surprised how many companies find that their brand name is already taken. Sign up immediately to to avoid any confusion with similar companies or prevent someone signing up with your brand name. Next you will have to fill out your profile. Avoid the generic Twitter backgrounds and create your own, upload your logo as the profile picture and include an eye catching cover photo.

• Build your following
The best way to kick start the growth of your following is to let your current customer base know you’re there. Include your Twitter handle (E.g. @printed_com) on your Direct Mail and other print marketing, and you can add the Twitter button to your website and emails. Alongside this you can also keep an eye on conversations in your news feed and even relevant conversations with your competitors. See where you fit in.

• Share relevant content

One of the best ways to catch the attention of your following is to share content that is useful to them. That way they’ll eventually see you as the go to point for the answers to their questions and through word of mouth and your handle popping up on other newsfeeds, more people and businesses will start to pay attention and follow you.

• Use relevant hashtags

For Twitter newbies, hashtags can be a little difficult to grasp. In simple terms, using relevant hashtags will include your tweets in a larger conversation and will expose you to a larger audience. Use hashtags that are relevant to your business and services to attract more potential customers. 

• Mention others

By including other people in your tweets and taking part in conversations with other users you show that you’re active on the platform and aren’t just simply scheduling automated tweets. This also increases your chances of attracting more followers as you’ll show up in more news feeds and your responses to users will be seen on their profiles too.

• See what your competitors are doing on Twitter and do it better

This one may seem a bit cheeky but there’s no harm in it really. Whether it’s by starting a similar competition to drive engagement or by creating similar content. Make sure you don’t just copy their work but give it a personal and relevant touch. Another idea is to look at what large successful companies are doing.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, you can always follow us and see what we’re up to.


05 Dec 2015 13:36
I mainly use FB for promoting my work, but know I need explore Twitter so useful tips!

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