Top five tips to be a successful guest blogger

Guest blogging is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated social media tools out there, and it holds many benefits for both the writer and the host alike. It can help expand your readership to an audience you may not have reached or even considered before and can even make you stand out as an authority in your chosen industry.

Sounds great, right? But it’s not as easy as it looks and as a guest blogger you can expect to be disappointed a couple of times at first. You just have to remember that each well-received post takes you one step closer to being a successful guest blogger. But how do you make that happen sooner rather than later?

1. Do a Google search for guest blogging opportunities

This might seem like common sense, but there are a lot of people who sit by and wait for companies to ask them to write some content for their blog. Unfortunately that is not how the world of guest blogging works and you could be waiting for a long time. You have to be proactive and seek opportunities. Contact blogs you already follow and companies you already purchase from, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities are out there.

2. Work out what you want from it

Do you want to generate more traffic to your own blog or gain recognition in your industry? Once you have this figured out you’ll have more of an idea what kind of blogs to submit content to.

3. Know your niche

Obviously you don’t want to be writing a post on the top ten fashion tips for the holiday season if you want to feature on the blog of a sports equipment manufacturer. It just won’t work as that’s not what their audience will want to read. Find relevant blogs in the field you specialise in with an audience similar to your own because they’ll already be interested in the content you can provide and you’ll be guaranteed some kind of readership.

4. Know the blog’s content

Once you have been granted a guest post on a blog or you plan on submitting a piece to a specific site, you should make yourself familiar with their content. If you can, try and find out what their best-performing pieces have been in the past and cater to this style as it’s clearly what their audience want.
You should also be aware of previous guest bloggers to the site and what kind of pieces they have written. Have they returned as a guest blogger and if not, why? Make your posts truly stand out where you can and if you’re successful, you may just get a feature.

5. Remember, it’s not all about you

A guest post on a blog is not just an advert for your own blog. Sure, it’s fair practice for the host to allow back links to your own blog or site, but remember that you are also contributing to theirs and are tapping into their audience. Guest blogging should be considered as a partnership.

Once you have these five main points mastered, there is nothing stopping you from being a successful guest blogger. are always on the lookout for new and original content to feature on our blog, so if you have a piece you think our audience will enjoy or would like to try your hand at guest blogging, feel free to contact us.


28 Nov 2015 08:52
Thanks for sharing :)

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