Top 10 apps of 2012

As we greet the beginning of 2013, we’ve decided to review our top 10 favourite apps of the last year. We’ve tried and reviewed many and have now narrowed it down to our favourite top 10.
  1. Account Tracker 

    Account Tracker is a simple to use expense tracker, which is great for both business and personal use. The reason this has made it in to our top ten apps of 2012 is that as well as being our favourite accounts app, it is unbelievably easy to use. It also has a multi-currency function so it's great for when your traveling.

  2. LogMeIn 

    LogMeIn, is a great app to use. Not only is it simple but it is also extremely functional. You access your documents from your iPad or iPhone, as well as being able to control your PC or Mac remotely, and run any application. 

  3. OmniFocus 

    The super hero of GTD (getting things done), OmniFocus really is one of the best apps for organising your to-do list. Our favourite feature is reminders based on location, which is fantastic if you’re traveling around. This app is available on your Mac, iPad and iPhone, so if you have all three or two of these Apple products then you can sync your to-do list from OmniFocus if you choose.

  4. GDrive 

    For those of you who already love to use your Google Drive, then this app is definitely for you. Through the GDrive app you are able to view your documents, photos and watch videos you’ve stored on your Google Drive.

  5. Bento 

    Sharing a lot of information across multiple devices with several people isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Bento is a great solution for those who have this issue, such as small businesses.

  6. Worldcard Mobile 

    Worldcard is another great tool to use while networking. This app allows you to scan an image of a business card and it will then upload the information in to your contacts. As an added bonus this app also offers QR code recognition and is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

  7. Instapaper 

    A great lover of reading on the go? Then this app is perfect for you. Instapaper allows you to save either blogs or articles that you wish to read, allowing you to access them at a later date with ease. You may also appreciate that once you’ve saved your article or blog piece you will not need to be connected to the Internet.

  8. Air Display 

    Air Display certainly increases the usability of your iPad. This app allows you to use your iPad in conjunction with your PC or Mac using it as either a second or third screen. This app is also available on your iPhone or iPod.

  9. Primadesk 

    Primadesk helps you organise everything you could possibly need to. What separates this app from other organisational apps is that it is available on Android, iOS and the internet. Which is a bonus for those of you who use a variety of devices.

  10. Shoeboxed 

    Shoeboxed turns your receipts into digital data for use in accounting or bookkeeping. All you simply need to do is take an image of your receipts within the app and wait 24hrs for your expenses to come back to you. We think a real bonus of this app is that your images stay within the app and don’t block up your image gallery. 

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David Brookes
05 Jan 2013 00:21
I love all the apps you've mentioned in your top 10. My personal fave is Air Display. I use it all the time :-)

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