Tips and tricks for spot on self-adhesive vinyl application

Being the helpful bunch we are, we’ve put together some top tips and tricks on how you can ace self-adhesive application. So whether it’s a window display, a promotional message or a ceiling to floor wall design that you’re applying, we’ve got a great how-to for you.  


Prime your tools

There’s the old saying; “Failure to prepare, prepare to fail.” So if you fancy yourself as a soon-to-be adept applier, you might want to gather some useful tools to hand before you begin:

  • Damp cloth or methylated spirits for cleaning surface
  • Spray bottle with a mixture of water and a very small amount of washing up liquid
  • Rubber squeegee or something similar for smooth application
  • Craft knife or scalpel if you need to take up the corners for re-application 

Are you a stock-alcoholic?

If so, we have a treat for you. Print up promotional displays with a difference with our range of self-adhesive vinyl – on new clear or white stock

Want to go higher impact? Print your own semi-permanent wall display with a removable wall sticker, and it’ll peel off without a trace when you’re done. 

Or if you want to, keep things fresh with our repositionable PVC, which can be used outdoors as well as in, and it can be applied and removed repeatedly.

No scrubs 

Vinyl’s have real staying power when stuck to a smooth, clean and dust-free surface. Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth, or in the case of glass use methylated spirits.


Get stuck in

For sizes up to A3/A2 it’s usually easy enough to apply with one person. With anything larger, we’d recommend a bit of teamwork.

And now, to begin!

1. Peel back a small section of the backing paper and fold back on itself. Emphasis on the ‘small’ here guys – if you peel off the back completely you will almost end up sticking the vinyl to itself or even yourself!

2. Next line up and apply the area with the adhesive now exposed to the surface and rub down gently with a squeegee. Slow and steady application is key because if you rub down too fast and you will almost certainly get bubbles or creases as a result, some of which may be tough to work out afterwards.

3. Now pull away the backing paper downwards from behind, while rubbing down the vinyl as you go. Doing this with your hand will also almost certainly results in bubbles, so squeegee away. By applying the vinyl gently at first, it means that if you do get bubbles, you should be able to pull away the vinyl where necessary and re-apply without damaging it. Remember, the vinyl will stretch if you pull it too firmly.

4. For larger or more awkward sizes, spraying the surface lightly with your bottle of water and a teeny amount of washing up liquid really helps as it will stop the vinyl from adhering too strongly at first, making adjustments and repositioning much easier.

5. Once you’re happy, use the squeegee to rub the vinyl firmly down and expel any water away from in-between the vinyl and the surface.

It’s worth noting that our clear vinyl has a special patterned adhesive and is also easy to remove so you shouldn’t need any water to apply.


Refresh your space and make a statement with your next promotion. Discover our brand new removable clear self-adhesive stock, versatile semi-permanent and permanent self-adhesives today.

Let us know which of our vinyl’s you’ll be using and how by commenting below. Oh, and look out for our tutorial video on to apply self-adhesive vinyl, coming soon!


David Brookes-Lennon
24 Jan 2017 13:30
Great tips. I haven't tried these products but I am looking at adding these to the windows of our studio
Keziah Herbert
15 Feb 2017 15:45
Hmm...Would these work as car stickers perhaps?
Larissa Hirst
22 Feb 2017 15:25
Hi Keziah, best to speak to our customer services team for that question, however, our removable vinyl would be best for this option.
25 Feb 2017 09:12
such useful tips - these are great!
Katherine Larcombe
19 May 2017 19:40
I love this product and great tips!

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