Three ways to inspire the next generation of designers

Style is getting stale. There, we said it. It has become increasingly important to not only haze in a new generation of designers, but to make sure that they are fuelled and filled with fresh inspiration, to take the world by storm and blow minds. Finding ways to inspire new innovation in the next generation can be anything from a simple timeline of design evolution to knocking their socks off with a live demonstration teeming with potential.

Here are three ways we think young designers can find inspiration and make something new, ranging from the extreme to the everyday…

Get ultimate: showcase what can be achieved with the best of the best

Some believe that the only way to inspire new designers is to show them inspirational design. Sounds obvious, right? A great example of design which showcases what can be achieved with all available resources is this scrolling e-card by interactive design agency, inTacto.

They help to bring topical design issues and fundamentals to life in a truly inspirational way. It also shows what can be achieved in an age in which technology is increasingly giving designers cool new ways to express themselves.

Take a trip down memory lane: look to the past for new inspiration

One thing which always draws new inspiration to the surface, funnily enough, is a good old trip down memory lane. Talking to the designers here at, they all agree that nothing stirs the creative juices like looking at the gradual evolution of the design industry and the trends that have oiled its wheels.

A design timeline not only works as inspiration in itself, but also helps to show how one person’s design style can impact upon the whole world of design.

Go commando: design-wise, that is

Let’s take inspiration to the extreme…like loads of seasoned, talented designers getting together for a major design-off. What better way to inspire the next generation of potential designers than to expose them to it in its rawest form, a large plain white wall, a selection of designers, and nothing but time. How can they resist with that much passion and talent flying about?

These are just a few ideas to help create an influx of innovative designers, based purely on getting youth people involved and inspired in the things we’re doing. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking!


Alex Wilkie
11 Mar 2014 10:19
a bit basic but effective
David Brookes
12 Mar 2014 08:55
Love the graphic design history :-)
12 Mar 2014 16:26
Food for thought.
C Hiazos
18 Mar 2014 11:18
Great prices & educational.
11 Jan 2016 10:59
great blog :)

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