Three reasons your business needs Google Plus

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Google Plus just had its first birthday. The search giant’s social network burst onto the scene back in June 2011, and news websites around the world quickly hailed it as a rival to Facebook.

Since then, Google Plus has turned out to be a bit of a slow burner. It has millions of users, but if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by, many of those people will have signed up once, then not returned.

However, Google Plus is still growing. And because this is Google we’re talking about, there’s no way your business can afford to neglect this social network altogether. There may be long-term risks in doing so, but you’ll also be missing out on some great opportunities.

Here are three reasons it’s worth investing some time in Google Plus:

1. It can help your search engine rankings. Google is constantly looking for ways to refine and make more relevant the results it shows when you search for something. It’s made no secret of the fact that it sees social media as a useful tool, and so the logical conclusion is that Google Plus will start to have a bigger influence on search rankings.

This may mean that the number of people who share, comment on or +1 your content on Google Plus could affect your rankings. If you’re new to Google Plus, consider setting up a brand page.

2. It’s a good networking opportunity. If Facebook is about connecting with people you already know, and Twitter is about discovering strangers, Google Plus sits somewhere in between. The service’s circles feature makes it easy to group people by common interests.

It’s straightforward to connect with likeminded people. That gives you a pool of new contacts to ask for advice or share ideas with. For freelancers working at home, it’s a great way to maintain links with the outside world.

3. It gives you powerful communication tools. When Google Plus first appeared, it was the hangouts feature that wowed journalists. This powerful video chat tool lets you chat face-to-face with up to ten people – you can see everyone and they can all see you, even if each person is in a different place.

But it’s not just about video chat. You can use your Google+ stream to share notes, articles and more with a circle of colleagues. Because they’re the only people who can see it, it’s an easy way to collaborate on ideas from afar.

If you’re willing to put in the time it needs, there’s no doubt Google Plus can be a valuable tool for almost any business. It’s not a replacement for Facebook or Twitter, but it’s carving a niche for itself all the same. Perhaps it’s time you got involved.

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