Things I hate about Facebook

I know what you’re thinking. Why would the social media girl at hate Facebook? Well, to be honest, it’s a massive lie. I spend too many hours on it (and I’m afraid to admit just how many in case I end up in some kind of facility) to hate it.

Like everyone who uses Facebook, there are some things about it that really bother me, and no, it’s not the latest timeline (I love it!). In no particular order, here are my top five Facebook niggles:

5. We have one mutual friend, but who the heck are you?

Who are you? Have we ever met? Oh! You’re best friends with my second cousin twice removed…the one I haven’t seen since I was ten. I have no idea who you are so no…I will not accept your friend request.

4. Complaints about Facebook changes

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, I get that. What you have to remember is that every business in the world needs to evolve, and when my time line is full of; “this sucks, I can’t find anything!!!!!!!!!!” I have a serious facepalm moment and scream at the computer screen, “Just b***** look!” Stop over using exclamation marks, too. It’s just unnecessary.

3. John is in a relationship – John is single – John is in a relationship – It’s ‘complicated’

It’s absolutely fine for people to want to put their relationship status on Facebook, sometimes it's the only way to stop those weirdos you don’t actually know from bothering you. My quibble is with people who put all their problems with an on/off partner on a public platform and change their relationship status every three days. I completely lose interest.

2. Promoted posts

As a handler of multiple Facebook pages every day, I am occasionally guilty of creating these even though they are supposed to be suited to a target demographic. More often than not, this just does not work. No Heinz, I do not want to ‘like’ your Baked Beanz page. You and your silly algorithm clearly know nothing about me!

1. Hashtags
Stop it. Just stop it now. Hashtags do not belong on Facebook and unless your latest update is a direct upload from Instagram, you just look silly. #learnhowtouseahashtag

(Yes, I know that Facebook just announced hashtags but I stand by my point. They don't belong there.)

So there you have it. Rant over. Some of these may seem a little silly but it’s now off my chest for good. I’m going to go and update my status about that cat I saw this morning…

What are your top Facebook hates? Let us know in the comments below.


Chris Matthews
21 Jun 2013 18:03
Funny and true. Just placed my first order with I hope your print quality is as good as the upload experience and brilliantly intuitive website design.
David Brookes
21 Jun 2013 20:39
Sorry, I have to disagree with points 2 & 1

Promoted posts are a great advertising tool and I get an amazing return from these. Hash tags #arethewayforward :-)

I do agree about points 5,4 & 3 though :-)
Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
24 Jun 2013 10:09
Promoted posts are a great idea, I agree on that, but only when they're used properly.

Thanks for that though, is there any things else you dislike about the platform, we all have little things like that.
Laura Allen
21 Jul 2013 15:23
Haha, hash-tagging on Facebook is completely pointless. And unfortunately promoted posts are the only way to get small businesses noticed on Facebook these days, although they are a complete rip off and overpriced.

Bring back Myspace I say.
Stuart Glegg
25 Apr 2014 14:04
I get a feeling that people are getting a bit done with facebook. People are too invested in it to switch to anything else but it's being used reluctantly by a lot of people
Charlotte Barrett
18 Dec 2014 15:07
Facebook is more and more focused on money!
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 15:11
I could not agree more!

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