The Wedding Collection: seven ways to get perfect wedding stationery

It’s official — has everything a wedding stationer could possibly want from a printer, all in one place. That’s a bold claim to make, but after working so closely with stationers since our launch in 2011, we have come to know them like no one else. When they told us what they needed, we couldn’t refuse them (they’re a charming people).

We’ve launched 17 new products and a bunch of new services and papers to really make this new collection a big deal, but we’ve picked our top 7 highlights just for you:

1.    Magnecote paper
Everything you’ve heard is true…we now stock a fantastic magnetic paper for our save the date cards. This is a quality, coated paper layered over a thin magnetic backing for a smooth, flexible, slender print. Magnetic save the dates are all the rage and we like to give the people what they want.

2.    Belly Bands
Our wedding stationer customers have been using the Ideas Board to ask for this product for quite some time, and after a whole lotta research, we’ve come up with belly bands we think you’ll love. They made the perfect finishing touch for invites, RSVP cards and menus to hold everything together in style!

3.    Personalisation
Altering designs time and time again to accommodate everyone’s names can take ages. Here at we’re all about easy ordering and fast print, so we came up with a way to do it all for you. Just upload the guest list in any font and we’ll populate the print with up to 200 sets of names. Make sure every name appears exactly as you want it to before you upload. Spelling errors and lowercase names are enough to cramp anyone’s style.

4.    Mounted or poster table plans
Printing for a wedding is all about options, so we’ve created poster table plans and mounted table plans.  You can print up on satin paper, card or vinyl on foamex or foamcore for a sturdier plan.

5.    Kraft paper
Our customers have been after this paper for ages, but it took us a little while to find one we loved, that was kind to the environment and adhered to FSC accreditations. Most of our new wedding stationery will have this paper as an option, so getting that sought-after retro vibe is simple as cake. Wedding cake.

6.    5” x 7”
It’s the size our wedding stationers wanted, so we’ve given it to them along with custom options and all your favourite sizing options.

7.    Place Cards
Tricky to print, but absolutely necessary. We now offer place cards in our Wedding Collection, and what’s more, we even add guest’s names to them for you. Wahoo!

We hope that this has given you a taster of the joy that is our Wedding Collection. We haven’t given all the best bits away, there’s lots more to discover, so pop over to the Wedding Collection and see how we can help you make perfect wedding stationery in half the time, at half the price!



David Brookes
21 Nov 2013 18:46
WOW!!! I am so happy with these updates. Thank you :-)
Gemma Cook
22 Nov 2013 15:33
This is amazing - you've basically given me ALL the finishing options for my stationery business that I wished you'd had before - fabulous news! Thank you!
Ashley Leggat
23 Nov 2013 15:50
I am so happy about the new wedding stationery section. It all looks great and the option to upload individual names is a huge help. Thanks!
Cherry Sealed
23 Nov 2013 16:10
Yey!! especially the place cards :)
Nicola McMillan
24 Nov 2013 20:08
I am LOVING this update!!
Alex Wilkie
25 Nov 2013 00:19
An area i am toying with looking into
Emma Cownley
25 Nov 2013 17:43
Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear that you're loving it!
Stepehen Mark
26 Nov 2013 19:32
Great update, excellent new products from team!
Ashley Oates
02 Dec 2013 14:14
Thank you - this is a wedding stationers dream. No more problem solving when it comes to printing options.
Lianne McGregor
03 Dec 2013 16:16
Love the updates you've made - thank you thank you thank you for making my life easier still :)
24 Feb 2014 15:35
Some great services on offer - would also love to see an option for rounded corners on invites.
Annie Redmore
24 Jun 2014 11:43
Looking forward to printing with the kraft paper - especially if white ink options are added!
Frankie Kerr-Dineen
21 Jul 2014 16:35
Really love the magnetic paper - something different which is what we are all about at Stay Gold Designs.
03 Aug 2014 14:57
Great stuff guys! All you need now is a white ink option and drilling (for favour tags) hint hint ;)
Charlotte Barrett
09 Feb 2015 01:05
Ace love the magnetic paper! Great for save the dates!
Rachael Lucas
29 Aug 2015 11:26
Such great info from a newly starting out wedding stationery designer!
20 Oct 2015 11:42
Excellent blog, saved me a lot of research time ~ thanks
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 14:35
I can't wait to try out the magnetic paper stock!

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