The Square Flair-Off: meet the winner!

The votes are in! Out of all five finalists, you decided that Sarah Halliday’s square leaflet had the most square swagger. We caught up with her so you could find out a little more about the woman behind the design, what inspired it and the secret to creating the perfect flyer design. Sarah, over to you!

Well done for your recent Square Flair-Off win, Sarah! Tell us a little something about yourself.
I’ve been working as an artist for around seven years, however I have been doing arty things since I can remember. It has only been in this recent time that I decided to take it seriously.

I do not have any formal qualifications in art-related subjects but have been lucky enough to have an art teacher (mentor), who over the space of five years has taught me all the fundamental rules of drawing and painting. I’ve also picked up how to use programmes, such as Indesign, through various employment.  

Your design got a total of 267 votes, how does it feel to know so many people enjoyed your work?
I'd like to say people enjoyed my work, however, I was very persistent in getting friends and family to vote for my entry and I am not sure how much this tilted the scales in my favour? Lol, but I would like to think that they were also voting for me because the they liked my design.

You’ve been an artist for seven years, how did you get started and when did you first realise that this is what you wanted to do?
I’ve always loved drawing so I have no idea why I went to university to study Law!! In fact, during my early to late twenties I did no artwork at all, and spent my time being thoroughly miserable and hopping from one job to another. It wasn’t until I moved to France with my other half for a brief three year stint that I started painting the landscape there. People just started asking if they could buy my stuff. I did this for quite a while and then realised I needed I bit of help. I was fortunate to then link up with Chris Fiddes, my mentor, who has helped me develop my style. The rest is history…

In our meet the finalists blog post, you mentioned that you chose your four favourite pieces of work for the flyer because they represented your style the best. Is there a story behind the four pieces featured?
The first piece, King or Coutier, is about Bradley Wiggins' 2012 Tour de France win. It is a play on the relationship between him and his team mate, Chris Froome. While Chris is in the subservient role as waiter, the news paper is asking the question whether Bradley Wiggins was the best rider overall to win, and whether Chris Froome should have been the one being served tea!

The second painting, The Picasso Tree, is about the perception of modern art today. The real piece of art in this scene is the tree with the face of a Picasso painting on it, rather than the sculpture, but the people in the picture haven’t worked that out. I couldn’t resist putting my dog in the painting - hence why it is a personal favourite.

The third painting, Attack Attack!, is about the problem of nesting gulls that we get locally every year. They are very vicious and regularly attack the residents, as well as scavenging food from bin bags.

The final painting is of Alberto Contador (cyclist), which I turned into a small European stamp. I just like this painting as I think its not a bad attempt at a portrait.

If you could describe your artistic style in three words, what would they be?
In two words: art deco. 

Your flyers will be printed up for you as part of your prize, do you have any big plans for them?
Not really. I currently give people gift cards that I have printed up as these are the only things that have my website details on, but these will be a handy replacement.

Do you have any advice for anyone designing a flyer for self-promotion? What are your top tips?
I would say good design stems from art, so get yourself a good book on the fundamentals of art, plus also a book on graphic design and typography and have a go. Make sure your message is clear and images relate to your business and just get designing. That’s what I did...

You can see more of Sarah’s work on her website or stop by and say hello on Facebook and Twitter


13 Jun 2016 22:29
Congratulations - really nice image!
18 Jun 2016 15:23
Well done Sarah, looks fantastic :)
Matt Chalmers
24 Jun 2016 15:32
Beautiful artwork, congratulations Sarah!

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