The Square Flair-Off: meet the finalists!

Stop what you’re doing immediately—the finalists for the Square Flair-Off design competition have been selected! First and foremost, let’s give a big round of applause to everyone that took the time to enter. We saw so many great designs that we decided we simply couldn’t choose just four finalists and we added one extra.

As I’m sure you can imagine, choosing which designs would make it into the final five was a bit of a torturous affair. To help whittle down the selection, we came up with a judging criteria (because passionately yelling a favourite entrant’s name doesn’t count as an impartial judging method, apparently). Here's what we were looking for:

Striking design
Was this a leaflet that was going to catch our eye when nestled amid sea of other print advertising? Bold designs, bright colours and interesting images were the first thing we looked for when making our final selection.

Message clarity
Once we’d been drawn in by the imagery,  we wanted a design that gave us a clear understanding of the business and how it could benefit us. Was there adequate information to turn us into a potential customer?

Use of space
I think we can all agree that 105mm x 105mm is not a lot of room to advertise oneself. With that in mind, we looked for entries that were clever with the space they had. Cramming content into the tiny square was a no-no, as was leaving it too blank and uninformative.

Is it fit for purpose?
Pretty designs aside, could the design actually be an effective leaflet if handed out? We were looking for signs that the designer knew how to use the medium to market themselves effectively.

The finalists
Here’s your chance to get to know the five finalists before you place your vote. Who will you choose?

Alita Porter

Alita Porter competition entry

What made it successful?
The bold design and vibrant colours didn’t distract from the contact details and everything had adequate room to breathe. We’d definitely pick this out of a pile!

Alita says: When I saw the competition, I decided to use a copy of a pen and ink drawing that I had done. After scanning into the computer, I played about with it until it looked right. I added very basic information as I thought that it could then be used as a multi-purpose flier.
Fingers crossed!

Sarah Halliday

Sarah Halliday competition entry

What made it successful?
How can you fail to fall in love with the soft tones and picturesque scenes in Sarah’s artwork? The contact details were clear and concise and the design does exactly what it says on the tin.

Sarah says: I have been working as an artist for around seven years now. All my paintings are inspired by the environment around me or events I have been to. I wanted my design to best reflect my work, so chose my four favourite paintings for this flyer. I thought the stamp idea was a good way to tie the design together. Hopefully you all like it.


Georgie Cobbs

Georgie Cobbs competition entry

What made it successful?
Not only does Georgie’s flyer tell you exactly what she does and where you can find her online, you also get a nice little insight into her personality. We loved how uncluttered this design was too.

Georgie says: I call this image my life-grid, it includes many of my interests and everything I need to survive being a coherent adult (ish). I chose to do this because it gives my clients a personal insight into who they'll be working with before they've met me, whilst showcasing my design style. 

I'm inspired by anything that sparks something in me; an idea, an emotion, a smile or just pure admiration. My style is bold and clean but I also take care to add in the small details.

C21 advertising agency

C21 competition entry

What made it successful?
We had a lot of fun with this design submission when it dropped into the inbox. People were printing it out and folding it up left, right and centre! The QR code, bright yellow colour and creative use of space meant this design was a favourite for the final five.

C21 Designer, Sam, says: Hello! My name is Sam Carter and I’m a designer at C21, an advertising agency based in Altrincham. Our agency mascot is a fish called Brill who represents our brill work and people. My leaflet design folds up into an origami Brill, and there is a QR code which takes you to our website.


Sollar62 competition entry

What made it successful?
Diagonal design? Delightful! We thought this design was laid out in a really interesting way, but still managed to remain clear. The pop of colour in the centre is especially effective at drawing the eye.

Luke Sollars says:
For the Square Flair-Off competition I knew that the flyer design had to reflect my work as a whole, and that I needed a single bold image to dominate it. The downhill skier was an obvious choice—its bright colours catch your eye, the contrasting curves and straight lines draw your attention inward, and its overall geometry suits the square format perfectly.

With the central image in place it was important to keep the rest of the space as clear and as clean as possible, whilst still integrating my message. So, I made the company logo large enough to balance the skier, kept service and contact details as concise as possible and used them to fill the natural spaces left by the skier. Then I mounted them all on a background that enhances the skier, emphasises the information, and produces a simple, functional design.


To cast your vote, head over to our Facebook page and 'Like' your favourite design. Voting closes on the 29th May and the winner be announced on 31st.


17 May 2016 10:54
These are all great! So hard to choose, think I might well be "going square" next print run!
17 May 2016 15:18
Oops - forgot to enter!

Georgia Cobbs to win!
Stephanie Kane
18 May 2016 13:37
c21 is my favourite!
19 May 2016 14:39
Wow, what a great competition! You've definitely hit the nail on the head in terms of what makes a good leaflet. It is definitely tough competition, my personal favourite is C21 though, very engaging!
31 May 2016 20:14
My vote is for Sarah!!

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