Personalisation and the power of wedding invitations

Why are invitations important?

Wedding invitations often don’t get the attention or budget that they deserve – admittedly I am quite biased on this subject but hear me out. They are often at the bottom of the list when it comes to planning and all focus goes on the day itself.

As a couple, your wedding day is one of the most special and significant days of your life and a wedding invitation can reflect and remind people of this. It is the premise to your day, the first impression given to your loving family and friends. It sets the tone and hopefully builds excitement and gives your guests an insight into what the big day will hold.

And there really is something about receiving a beautifully designed, printed wedding invitation in the post that signifies that this is an important event!


As you want your invites to reflect you as a couple, choose your design carefully or go for a bespoke design. All the Littlebird Wedding stationery is fully customisable, once you’ve chosen a design you like you can choose from a range of colours, envelopes and some lovely textured card stocks.

My Edwardian vintage design has proved a very popular choice recently. It gives you that nice vintage feel with a touch of elegance. The vintage lace and jute string finish it off beautifully.

This style would work well for a manor house wedding or a barn wedding and the rest of the stationery looks beautiful along-side bunches of lavender or wheat and some flowy lavender coloured bridesmaids dresses!

Writing your invite

Make sure you put plenty of time aside for writing your invite, you’ll be amazed at how difficult it is do decide what to say! The sentimental stuff is all well and good but it is vital that information such as location, times and other significant details are incorporated to help your guests plan their day. People may be travelling from lengthy distances and will appreciate your thoughtfulness in notifying them in advance. If you help them to have a good day then everything should fall into place nicely!



Claire Beavis is a freelance graphic designer who also designs wedding stationery for her own company Little Bird Stationery. It all came about when she started designing wedding stationery for her own wedding back in 2011.


Alex Wilkie
29 Jan 2014 08:56
Very cool and could realistically be used for many other events
David Brookes
29 Jan 2014 11:25
Gorgeous work :-)
29 Jan 2014 21:55
I agree! I love to receive a personal & thoughtful invitation as much as I like to send them. It can give you little clues about what to expect at the event or leave it a mystery! Either way I think it's exciting to get a real life invitation through your real life letter box when most things these days are virtual. I'm sure most people would agree :)
29 Jan 2014 22:14
I agree too. I arrived home yesterday to find a wonderful wedding invitation from an old school friend and I felt really special. It was also an incredibly beautiful invitation printed on pearl paper.
Claire your designing is speechless, you designed wedding cards so creatively that any one can't resist to choose these cards.Your cards color combination is so attractive and simple that they express their wording with full feel of the wedding.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful designs of cards.
Sophie Kent
03 Feb 2014 18:41
Love your work x
05 Feb 2014 21:34
Personalisation adds such a great touch! Love the idea
Benjamin Hughes
02 May 2014 11:12
Really nice work. :)
21 Oct 2015 09:08
Very creative, love your work :D

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