The importance of localised marketing

There once was a time when the majority of all business was done locally, but now, thanks to the advent of internet technology, even the smallest of companies can, in a sense, ‘go global’. Whilst this is an avenue that is exciting and full of potential, particularly in the current economy, it is essential that businesses do not neglect the potential business that is right outside their front door. 

Regardless of the ever increasing popularity of e-commerce, many consumers still base their purchasing decisions on local factors – which is why it is still so important to take advantage of the opportunities that are available on the local market. 

Making purchases from local businesses allows customers to establish positive relationships, and encourages the building of a community where repeat business is very likely. The company in question can then reward this repeat business by offering discounts or complimentary items as a thank you for the regular custom, therefore further enhancing the customer’s positive impression of their services.  

Meet people face-to-face

Going to local networking events is an excellent way to start developing relationships in the immediate area – face-to-face communication is essential when building this kind of positive reputation, and brands instantly become more recognisable when associated with a friendly face. 

However, this is just one form of localised marketing. Companies can also choose either to market themselves on the radio, through local newspapers, or through leaflet printing and other printed materials that can be distributed throughout the area. 

Local leaflet advertising

Printed materials in particular are a great, cost-effective method of localised advertising, as they can easily be produced in large quantities and displayed in a particular location to target a certain audience. For instance, an advertisement for a cake maker could be left in a birthday party supplies shop, where the need for cakes is likely to be high. 

Including a promotion or discount on a leaflet or business card can be a particularly attractive incentive when using printed materials. It encourages the customer not only to read the material, but to take action which you can then track.

Co-operate with other local businesses

Localised marketing can also be mutually beneficial for businesses that operate in complementary sectors. Local companies can advertise with each other and make recommendations to clients that have a need for both services, thereby enhancing each other’s custom. 

Ultimately, word of mouth is still one of the most important tools a company has – customer testimonials are worth their weight in gold, whether they come from a business or an individual standpoint, and localised marketing can help companies to earn these glowing recommendations from people in their area. By using these marketing strategies to build a positive reputation within the local community, companies can expect both an increase in sales and a happy client base.




office supplies
25 Oct 2012 23:47
Localised marketing is essential to any business. One should give their local a time to expand their business.
Suzanne McGarry
13 Nov 2012 16:48
As a new upcoming business, this blog has been really helpful and insightful!!

Thanks Ashleigh :)
27 Nov 2015 08:25
Interesting, thanks :)
29 Nov 2016 15:34
very useful tips, i agree even in todays world mouth to mouth is still incredibly important for business success.

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