The Association Of Illustrators talks contracts, pricing and drawing!

The Association Of Illustrators (AOI) joins Ben Tallon on the Arrest All Mimics podcast to discuss the industry in 2016. With a dual role of the trade union for illustration industry, and champions of it too, the AOI are as important as ever before. Ben explains why he had to feature them on the podcast:

“We have entered the digital age and with it comes a whole new host of questions about intellectual property rights, big business bullying and where we are heading.

“I went down to Somerset House, home of the AOI, to catch new Managing Director Ren Renwick and Membership Coordinator Lou Bones to discuss the new possibilities open to illustrators with accessible technology, how the industry has expanded in recent years and the recent link up with U.S. based Directory Of Illustration to form the World Illustration Awards. 

“Ren is keen to take the business to new places in more ways than one and is keen to break down boundaries between disciplines as the creative industry becomes increasingly amorphous.”




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01 Nov 2016 12:43
these are always great blogs to read
04 Nov 2016 09:52
This was helpful, thank you :)
15 Nov 2016 19:38
Interesting blog and very helpful re pricing
02 Feb 2017 15:17
A must listen for all new illustrators - excellent interview
19 May 2017 21:06
A really interesting podcast!

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