Ten Top Tips: Make your business card stand out from the crowd

Despite the rise of the internet, the humble business card is still an important sales tool.'s Nick Green has ten ways to make sure your personal calling good looks good and reflects your brand.

Some snippets from the article

1. Quality is key

Make sure your business card is made of a good quality card. Not only will this ensure that it doesn't bend in the recipients wallet but it will also reflect on the quality of your company. Choosing a thicker paper stock for your card will ensure it has a professional feel which will make a good first impression.

2. Think about colours

It goes without saying that in order to make a card stand out, colour is a key ingredient. But rather than jumping in with a random assortment of colours, think about how people read colours and how a specific colour will reflect upon you and your brand. For example, black portrays authority and professionalism, whereas orange is seen as creative and energetic.

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20 Nov 2015 09:32
useful tips :)
03 Jun 2016 07:03
doing one for myself so useful info

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