Survey says? Tips on how to find out what customers really think

Failure to adapt to an ever-changing market is a recipe for disaster, and getting left behind is far from ideal. Cracking the customer enigma and staying on top is simple, obtaining and using feedback from customers is vital and a survey can be the best way to getting quality, constructive criticism.

Why a survey?

You can find out the age, gender and profession of your customer with a simple, general survey— the results could surprise you.
A profile is one of the most helpful pieces of data you can have— knowing who it is you are talking to and catering for can help you establish a relatable tone of voice and content style for your marketing or website. Knowing what appeals to your customers and the kinds of things which will encourage them to buy can boost your sales. It will also show you who you are not catering to and open up a wealth of possibilities for future customers.

How to go about it

Before you even set pen to paper, you need to think long and hard about what it is you want to know. What are you using the information for? Is this a general survey, a customer satisfaction survey, or something which is more central to product research?
Having your long term goal in mind when looking at the survey will give you a much clearer idea of what the questions should be and the kind of things it needs to focus on.


Your customers have given you their time— do not waste it.
It is a good idea to begin by thinking about what it is you want to know. Do not ask questions for the sake of it, or ask what you think you should be asking even though you do not actually need the information. Think about what you will gain from the questions once you have them answered. Will they be useful to you?

Source: “Survey says? Top tips on how to find out what your customers really think” (B2B Marketing)


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