Stationery stress busting: 5 ways to source wedding stationery designs

There can be no doubt that the wedding industry is a tangle of talent just waiting to be discovered—so how do you find a wedding stationer that’s perfect for you, without taking weeks and months about it? We’ve come up with a list of ways you can find your perfect stationer quickly, all while cutting out some of the stress that comes with planning the celebration.

Visit an online marketplace

When you fancy browsing before you buy, Etsy and are home to wedding stationers of every style and sort. Depending on who you decide to shop with, you can hire a stationer to create something unique for you, or you can buy and customise designs yourself.

Wedding Ideas Magazine
Our good friends over at Wedding Ideas magazine are a bride’s best friend when it comes to sourcing all things ‘wedding ‘. You can browse their directory for a full list of stationers and get some of the other essentials ticked off the list while you’re at it!

Wonderful Wedding Design-Off
Remember our competition last year? We asked all the wedding stationers we knew to create something they thought was prize-worthy and submit it with the chance of winning big. You can find all the stationers and their entries on our Pinterest board, so you can browse some of their best work before you get in touch.

Be a Pinterest picker
How can we write a post about wedding stationery without mentioning Pinterest? For those that aren’t in the know, Pinterest is an idea hub that revolves around the sharing of images, so it’s brilliant for those looking to get visual inspiration. You’ll be able to get stuck into a stationer’s style and portfolio before you make contact.

Get friendly with our guest bloggers
Here at, we’re pretty tight with a lot of wedding stationers—in fact—they often drop by the blog to leave behind their pearls of wisdom. You need look no further than the wedding section of our blog  to find a stationer that you love. Reading their posts will give you a good indication as to whether they’re on the same wavelength as you, too!

Of course, there are those couples with design know-how that know exactly what they want from their stationery. If you feel like you’re more than capable of going it alone, you can download one of our design templates, create your artwork over the top of it and go to print, just like that.

If you want to recommend a brilliant wedding stationer that you’ve worked with, or are a brilliant stationer yourself, leave a comment in the box below and get the ball rolling!


12 Nov 2014 13:06
Great post!
I'm so excited of printing my wedding invitations with you!!!!

Btw. Are there more competitions like the one from last year?
17 Nov 2014 17:23
Nice blog! Very helpful! :-)
24 Nov 2014 16:00
I always recommend checking etsy, you get some great designs at a much lower cost than if you had it designed from scratch. thanks guys!
Alex Wilkie
27 Nov 2014 10:43
forearmed is forewarned.
Charlotte Barrett
30 Nov 2014 11:38
Very helpful blog post! :)
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
20 May 2015 11:09
Nice advice for Brides & Grooms
15 Oct 2015 14:16
really interesting, thanks :)

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