Startups – How to create a top quality design or project brief

Nicholas Green, founder of, shares his insight on the key elements which should be included in an effective brief

Writing a high-quality design or project brief is a fundamental skill for any business to ensure you get what you were looking for in the first place. Yet, its value is often underestimated, until unsatisfactory work that you commissioned is submitted.

So much time and money can be wasted just because suppliers didn’t fully understand what you wanted – and don’t then deliver. The awkward position this leaves you in is to either push for changes the supplier doesn’t feel it should have to make or you having to make a decision on whether you have fair grounds to withhold payment.

If I’m being honest, I know how to write a good brief now but it’s a skill which has taken me many years to hone. My company,, recently conducted research on branding for small businesses which highlighted how designers view the briefs which start-ups and small businesses provide them with.

More than a third said they felt that new businesses do not put together quality briefs, with a similar amount also stating that they are not given sufficient time for briefs to be fulfilled. The stats indicate there is clearly work to be done in terms of the briefs which start-ups and small businesses are creating, but how can they improve?

Source: "Startups – How to create a top quality design or project brief" (Startups)


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