Standout appeal: creative solutions for leaflet and flyer printing

In light of recent economic news, we’re seeing companies returning to more traditional, cost-effective marketing efforts such as leaflet printing. Leaflet distribution is a direct route to reaching a considerable amount of customers and building brand awareness, without having to break the bank. This resurgence means that you’ve got to work even harder to outplay your competitors.  It’s time to get creative with leaflet and flyer printing and here’s how... 

Make it Count

Yes, the most crucial content on your flyer will be the name of your business and contact details, whether that be a website, e-mail address or telephone number. However, you’re still going to have a lot of space to play with. So, play with it!  Be bold with graphics and to the point with text - save the small print for the small print.


Explore alternative ways of engaging your customers - through a game, a visual puzzle or by posing a bold question. Encourage further interaction by placing answers or a potential prize offer on your website, this is also a great way of systematically tracking flyer feedback. Better yet, explore ways that you can turn your leaflet into something useful for those receiving it - the more multi-purpose your full colour leaflet or flyer is, the greater impression it will hold. 

Life in Design...

For most of us, the sight of a mountain of pizza, takeaway or taxi flyers is not an uncommon a thing. Of course, you want to make sure printed materials for your business have a fate more fortunate and your ticket to doing so is bold, creative design. 

Your leaflet must be visually interesting. Accomplish this through the use of eye-catching imagery, smart graphic design or stand-out typography. Employ the talents of a graphic designer and send out something that recipients will want to hold on to. Why not challenge people’s perception by rotating your artwork or experiment with proportion and alignment. 

Just a little bit of design experimentation can yield a huge range of options for your printed marketing materials.  Why not try one or two of the following... 

● A simple solution is to use non-traditional paper size for your leaflet or flyer design.  Having your flyer cut to a different size (or even shape) than your competitors will help boost its stand-out power.  If you’re leaflet or flyer is unimaginative most people will simply not notice it and the money spent could be wasted.

● Borders are a good way to make your flyer stand out. Even plain ones make an impact. 

● If you've more to say, you could print both sides or a mini-brochure and have something that folds out to poster size.

With an innovative, unexpected or bold leaflet your audience will have no alternative but to pay attention to your message.  Push the limits of leaflet and flyer printing and take chances!  With this approach, you’ll have the opportunity to make a great impact on a minor budget. To see the range of leaflet printing and flyer printing options offer, click here.

Peter runs through all the printing options for leaflets and flyers in our product video.

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Jenny Martin
07 Nov 2012 15:58
Great advice. Another point is not to put too much information on you leaflet. Like you said it needs to stand out and make an impact but if you add too much text and information that impact is lost - think bullet points if you need to
25 Nov 2015 10:57
Useful blog
29 Nov 2016 15:01
i like the mini-brochure designs, much more effective than over-cramming a single sheet flyer with info

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