So you got married, now what?

So your big day is over and it’s time to settle into a life of marital bliss—but hold your horses! There are a few extra bits to get sorted after the festivities are over which you might have overlooked. 

Change your name

If you have decided to take the plunge and kiss goodbye to your maiden name, now is the time to get all the paper work done. You will need to start with legal documents like your passport, driving license and national insurance card. Then it’s time to move on to things like your bank, insurance company, employer and health care providers.

Send your thank you cards

Sending out a thank you card is a lovely little way to let your guests know that you enjoyed their company on the big day. A thank you card is the final piece of stationery to be sent out and a lasting reminder of all those special memories, it can be quite nice to use a photograph from the big day for this reason. If you read our seven most common complaints of wedding guests blog post, you will know that a major bug bear of wedding guests is not being thanked properly. Make sure you keep your friends and family smiling by sending them a thank you note within six to eight weeks.


Organise your photos

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so you can expect to have your picture taken more times than usual, unless your name is Kim Kardashian, that is. It’s important to take time to organise, collate then store digital copies of photos.

The first step in organising your photos is to gather them all somewhere. We aren’t just talking about the photos from your photographer but also the shots your friends & family captured and the candid shots captured by observers that narrate your day brilliantly. An easy way to do this is by asking all your friends via social media to upload their photos to Dropbox or a photo sharing service. Your guests will have captured silly or fun moments that your photographer may have missed. You can then download and store all your digital photos on your computer or a hard drive.

Now you just need to decide how you will share and display your photos.  You can create beautiful canvases or framed prints to display in your house. Putting all your images together in a photo book is also a nice touch: pull together images, add in quotes or memories, and you have a keepsake you’ll treasure forever. Don’t forget to share a few on social media for anyone who missed your day.


Save mementos

Photos aside, there are other things from your special day that you may want to collect and curate as special mementos. Traditionally, many brides would have their bouquet pressed; you can press the whole arrangement by using  two sheets of paper and some heavy books or just save a few petals and press them. Many brides like to keep a special keepsake box with other items from the day such as place name cards, table numbers and wedding invitations.

Let us know what’s on your to-do after the wedding list by commenting below.



20 Aug 2014 15:36
Thank you cards are a must, loads of people don't bother. It's so rude not to!
David Brookes
20 Aug 2014 20:03
Lovely post :-)
21 Aug 2014 00:51
Thank you cards are often an after thought, but I think they've one of the most important wedding stationery items.
28 Aug 2014 14:53
never thought of thank you card but i am sure it is a nice gesture to send them out...
Alex Wilkie
29 Aug 2014 13:15
thank you cards are a must, the more quirkier the better...........I feel
Stuart Glegg
09 Apr 2015 07:55
Seen a few people that have taken a wedding photo with a thank you card in mind. Works really well.
Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
21 May 2015 11:07
Ahh! I get married in 2 weeks. It'll be nice to creat some more stationery to sya thankyou! xox
07 Nov 2015 07:32
Love the idea of extra special personalisation using photos :)

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