Results of & Creativepool Small Business Branding Survey small business survey


Ananta Kashem
31 Jul 2012 13:48
Useful information. Looks like other survey participants have a similar view as me about the small businesses.

We often meet these small business clients at Menu Lane and know what their preferences are.
Peter Ashwell
31 Jul 2012 16:01
It always amazes me how uninterested both new, and to an even grater extent, established businesses are to innovative or attention grabbing ideas for promoting their business. There is also an illogical reluctance to explain to their target audience exactly what they are offering and to what advantage. Some do not know what their USP is that will set them apart. I believe that there is an element of fear and/or embarrassment involved.
Col Gray
02 Aug 2012 09:30
These results pretty much put show what I had always suspected. It is great to see it all put down in an easy to read infographic.

I think the 23% of businesses that say they get sufficient time from their clients to develop a new brand are very lucky! I need to get myself those types of clients :)
Justine Gatens
03 Aug 2012 20:52
I agree with the results, I know that I don't give enough time to branding.. it all seems to be taken up with finding new clients and working out figures etc..
30 Sep 2012 20:03
Great research and expected results. Most small businesses or 'soon to be businesses' really underestimate the power of a brand

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