Six things CEOs want from their marketing teams in a digital age

“The discipline of marketing is becoming increasingly complex. It’s also becoming more and more technical, along with the rise in importance, and continued proliferation of, new marketing platforms, techniques and technologies.

This means it’s all too easy for marketers to get bogged down in the detail of the day job and forget how important it is to sell internally as well as externally.

We asked a panel of CEOs what they think is the best way for marketing teams to go about this and to please the head honcho in the process.

Business meeting

Nicholas Green, founder and CEO, “Help us understand what is or isn’t working.”

“We need people who understand data, the sales funnel and the principles of optimisation. It’s very maths-heavy these days. Marketing traditionally was more about an idea. The catalyst has been the growth of online.
“You’ve got a lot of different channels now and you’ve got to find a way to bring them together. That’s the great challenge for marketing.

“It’s not easy to attribute revenue. You’ve got to find people who understand the value of likes and shares. We want people who can think in terms of lifetime value and revenue models, to help us understand what is or isn’t working.”
In other words, marketers who can help frame and shape the discussion around digital business will become increasingly influential. They should also earn a place at the top table, if they’re not there already.

Hopefully that’s farewell to the days when marketing was seen as the ‘colouring in’ department.”

Source:Six things CEOs want from their marketing teams in a digital age” (The Guardian)


Stuart Glegg
16 Jan 2015 08:20
I think the values of likes and shares varies industry to industry.

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