Should you swap to square?

Change can be scary, so when we introduced square business cards into our new business card range, we wondered how many print pioneers would take up this new creative challenge. Turns out, you guys aren’t afraid to try something different. Not a convert yet? Read on and discover why you should consider a square card over a rectangular one and what else you could use them for.

The whys

Less is more
This isn’t just something small people say because they want to be tall. When it comes to business cards, standing out from the crowd is essential, and sometimes a little less really is much more. By choosing to print square you’re making a conscious choice to stand out and not become lost in the myriad of rectangle cards. Good for you!

Say it with symmetry
This exciting new shape opens up a whole new world of design potential. After all, some designs demand symmetry and the four gorgeous right angles and tidy shape of a square are often just the ticket. Think mini Polaroid style photos or a variety of card back designs that form a theme when laid out.

The whats

Social cards
Square business cards are a great way to say “business? That’s my father’s name.” Going square is a much more relaxed way to exchange details and we can’t think of anyone this benefits more than people like bloggers or social networkers. You can still get all those essential details on that card, but show a playful, innovative side.

Gift tags, product tags and name tags: these little squares of joy are the perfect size for labelling. Punch a hole in one corner and string them, tuck them into packaging, or clip them into a holder for maximum success.

QR code cards
Square codes, square cards…this one’s a no-brainer. Pop your details on one side and a handy QR code on the other for print that works so much harder for you. You can use your code to send people to your website, to a promotional page, or to get them involved in the online conversation.

If you’ve been convinced, print your own set of square business cards and take the world of networking by storm.


David Brookes-Lennon
22 Aug 2015 16:05
I love square business cards
Su Mwamba
22 Sep 2015 06:28
My designs are all portrait orientation so I struggle with square layout. They look cool and quirky with the right designs, though!
09 Oct 2015 07:56
such a simple idea to go square with business cards, love it!

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