Selfie sadness: things we don’t want to see in 2014

The selfie. A very guilty, very public pleasure traceable to anyone that owns a camera phone. Since its origins in the long-ago land of Myspace, selfies have blossomed into the ugly teenage daughter of the internet; plaguing everyone for attention and popping up in places you don’t expect them to be. Case in point: funerals and changing rooms.

At the risk of looking (*gulp*) uncool, the team decided to get together, make up a list of selfies that definitely shouldn’t see the light of day, and recreate them so you can see just how truly awful they are and never, ever do them yourself. We’ve thrown ourselves down on the sword of humiliation just for you.

The toilet selfie

Whether you’re having a number one or a number two, we just don’t want to see that. Ever. If you really need to use the bathroom for your selfie (because we know the lighting is, like, totally great in there) try to keep your pants up and the lid down.
Suggested hashtags: #oops #toilet #lolz #pooping

The ‘look what I’m eating’ selfie

This is the next stage of the current food photography trend that is sweeping Instagram. We have seen a few examples of this leaking out onto the net already and it’s enough to put anyone off their lunch. Don’t eat and snap, folks!
Suggested hashtags: #nom #digestion #scrummy

Post work-out selfies

This is the slightly more extreme version of the ‘health selfie’, wherein participants will photograph health food, or show themselves in full-blown action. This is the ugly aftermath, complete with sweat marks, gross make-up and chafing.
Suggested hashtags: #satisfaction #sweatybetty

Queuing selfies

We’ve looked at pictures of book shelves and photos of shopping, let’s hope that 2014 doesn’t see the rise of queuing selfies; the scourge of the post office.
Suggested hashtags: #toilets #boring  #antilolz

The waxing selfie

What would the world be like if everyone who ever removed their own body hair at home wanted to share the results with you? 'Nuff said.
Suggested hashtags: #hairy #wax #achievement

We hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson here today and that we’ve helped you steer clear of some major social gaffes by putting ourselves in undesirable positions. If you have some great selfies which do deserve to see the light of day, turn them into Instagram prints and make a lasting memory out of them!


Alex Wilkie
09 Jan 2014 11:34
There are no male selfies here, is this a predominantly female thing or just bad demographics.
09 Jan 2014 13:01
None of the guys in the office wanted to take part! So the girls took on the challenge of making ourselves look totally ridiculous.
Daniel Olivier-Argyle
13 Jan 2014 10:48
I wasn't asked :[ I would have done it. I have no shame!
Downs Side Up
14 Jan 2014 12:07
Oh me oh my! I was guilty of putting together a year of selfies post... but they were all taken by my 6 year old daughter who has Down's syndrome. I think her's beat this collection ;)
15 Jan 2014 17:14
hello downs side up! I read your blog for ages...what a small world!? Loved your post and glad you like our selfie efforts too :)
26 Nov 2016 12:08

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