Rolling your brand out across different printed media

Each piece of printed media can be a new opportunity to reveal little gems about your brand. This could be your brand's purpose, it's point of view or its values. These opportunities are truly limitless, each one offering its own different feeling or mood. 

Matching the message to the media

People's experience of your brand extends further than your printed media. It's the experience they have when they visit you or your store, or when they phone your call centre. Each printed product is a small part of a bigger picture, which takes the pressure off communicating everything on each product. Strip your content back and use different printed media for different messages. For example, posters and signage lend themselves well to a single statement or point of view.



Mix up the messaging

Stationery can be a good opportunity to display your straplineor a call to action. Displaying brand messaging where it is not expected can add wit and warmth. Providing the basic information is communicated, it can be a good opportunity to say something else as well.

New Starter Pack

Business stationery 


Encourage sharing

Small printed products like business cards, stickers and Instagram prints are easy to share and can help spread the word about your brand and what it stands for. Use just your logo to keep it simple, or add more information or a call to action to encourage people to get involved.


Stickers & Business Cards

Instagram Prints

Byte London are on a mission to bring creative brilliance to marketing technology. Designer Olive Tebby has worked to build a brand that reflects this. 

Let us know how you've build a brand around your company by commenting below. 


Cara Bendon
01 Oct 2014 14:40
A lovely fun brand, good job Olive!

The stationary looks great, what paper stock is used for the cards and letterheads?
David Brookes
01 Oct 2014 22:42
Fab ideas
Abi Bousfield
02 Oct 2014 11:56
It is one of the stocks, uncoated at 150gsm.
Su Mwamba
07 Oct 2014 22:10
Thanks for the ideas - some things to think about...
Alex Wilkie
21 Oct 2014 11:27
it is more and more apparent in design less is more
Emma Kay
23 Oct 2014 10:10
I'm just about to build an Etsy shop and have just started a website, so it's all in the exciting stage and this has given me lots of ideas for how I can market my new designs, thank you!
Stuart Glegg
16 Jan 2015 08:22
Another great real example
27 Jan 2017 12:47
great suggestions

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