Rev up your wrapping

Packaging the professional way

The art of good wrapping is one we’d all like to master. Have you ever seen Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas? It’s well worth a watch if you want to improve your wrapping craftiness, and last year they even had a contest for the best present wrapping. And then there’s Jane Means, a canny Christmas gift-wrapper bringing blinging presents to the too-busy brigade. Known as the ‘Gift Wrap Guru’, Jane has a global following and offers gift wrapping services and courses in the UK as well as Singapore and Australia.

A personalised touch to products

So if you’re not quite a parcel packaging professor just yet, that’s okay. You can still leave a lasting impression on customers while building your brand and perfecting your products, with bespoke wrapping paper as the solution. 

Treating your customers to a neatly packaged purchase will make them feel appreciated and will save them time when getting ready for Christmas. It may even feel like a present for them when they see it looking all wrapped up and wonderful – and could end up gifting it to themselves instead! It also harks back to humbler times when retailers would typically wrap up purchases with brown paper and twine – a look that is becoming more fashionable again. 

The details 

You can create a memorable unboxing experience by printing your own wrapping paper designs to sell on, or to wrap up your own products as a retailer. Printed and trimmed into convenient A2 sheets, it’s ready to wrap on arrival. We use a lightweight, easy-to-fold 75gsm uncoated paper, which is perfect for achieving those crisp lines and neat folds that are the hallmark of good gift wrapping.

Opt for single or double-sided gift wrap printing and team it with a branded sticker and a gift tag to seal the whole thing with professional panache.



15 Sep 2016 14:15
Ooh, I like this. I'm thinking of adding a gift wrap option to my shop. This could be great!
Su Mwamba
04 Oct 2016 08:44
Currently working on a giftwrap design - this will be perfect!
John Pelosi
13 Oct 2016 18:54
Look forward to using some of this for the business
17 Nov 2016 16:33
Yes, offering a personalised gift wrap option of your own design is a great suggestion.
04 Mar 2017 12:18
offering products in bespoke wrapping paper with sticker and tags - gift wrapping with serious style!
20 Dec 2017 15:08
I have created three wrapping paper designs now and I love them all. A fantastic product on the right paper. Now wishing you would offer bigger sheets and rolls too.

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