Quiz: spot that design error

Are you ready to put your design skills to the test? Make yourself a cuppa and get your glasses on because we’ve collected together an array of design programme blunders ripe for identification. To level the playing field, we’ve included whoopsies that occur in various design disciplines, so keep an eye out!

Can you spot the design error?

Design fails 1

Test 1


Closer examination should bring things in line



Design fails 2

Test 2


Be sure to colour inside the lines



Design fails 3

Test 3


Give this designer a little space



Design fails 4

Test 4


Something's afoot. 



Design fails 5

Test 5


When saving for print, the best designers know that one thing is bleeding important.


Scroll down for the answers....

1) That bottom row of text needs to step in line.
2) Oops - missed a bit on the colour correction layer - in the glasses lens, to be precise.
3) Some HORRIBLE kerning on the bottom row of text - "designer" is all squished up.
4) Something's afoot. Specifically, a leg. Dad's leg has grown an extra appendage. 
5) Tut tut...print artwork should always have bleed added.

What did you score?

0 – 1
Oh heavens! We’ll pretend this didn’t happen…

1 – 3
Looks like a couple of errors slipped past your eagle eye!

3 – 5
Nailed it! We knew you would.


David Brookes-Lennon
11 Nov 2015 22:29
This made me chuckle
13 Nov 2015 14:47
Got them all :)
18 Nov 2015 08:01
classic mistakes!
18 Nov 2015 10:01
missed the glasses
18 Nov 2015 13:12
no.5 was something to think when I used your downloadable templates in sizes A4, A5 and postcard not realising until now the bleed wasn't actually set up for any of the documents to reflect the image show. Expecting the worst to turn up when my print delivery arrives.....
Zoe Stephens
23 Nov 2015 12:06
Schoolboy errors ;)
David Fleming
14 Dec 2015 16:20
4 out of 5.

Bleeds were something I had problems with when I first started creating/designing for print.

All great now - thanks to advice from :)
29 Dec 2015 20:10
I missed the glasses.
23 Mar 2017 11:38
lol! i didn't spot the glasses either
Bryony Bishop
01 Jun 2017 08:13
Got them all!

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