Punchy retail print ideas for sales and new lines

At this time of year retailers face a familiar dilemma. As new product ranges are launched, you need to clear your old stock with a sale; but you don’t want to confuse customers or give your stores a downmarket feel. 

Here’s how print can help with both sales and new product promotions – in store, on product packaging and more.


In-store: let new products take the lead

If you’re running a sale and launching new products at the same time, then your store layout should normally be driven by what works best for the new lines. Window displays and the shop entrance are the place to show off new, profitable stock – banner stands are a great way to draw attention to the new products, and if space is limited strut cards on display tables work well too. 

Eye-catching display boards give a fresh look to a shop floor and can draw attention to new products and sale items alike, while a stack of saddle stitched brochures on a display table will encourage customers to linger and browse.


Point of purchase: impulse buys and takeaways

Strut cards and counter displays at the point of purchase are particularly good for clearing overstock. Small impulse buy items are obvious candidates here.

The wall behind your point of sale is also a good space for posters – customers will naturally look there while you’re dealing with payment and bagging.

And speaking of bagging – why not take the opportunity to drop in a promotional postcard, loyalty card or catalogue? It’s a great way to encourage repeat visits and promote new lines.


Out of store promotions: leaflets and postcards

Promotional leaflets and postcards can spread the reach of your marketing far beyond your stores. Include a discount code on the card and you’ll be able to track the effectiveness of each distribution channel – and of course, once those customers are in store they’ll see your brand spanking new products too.

Really creative postcard design can be at the heart part of a budget-friendly guerrilla marketing campaign, with stacks of eyecatching cards in local cafés and. Choose yours in chunky 350gsm card and go with gloss, velvet or matt lamination to make them extra durable


On packaging: sticker promotions

Stickers that go directly onto product packaging are a tried-and-tested way to highlight sale items. They’re also great for promoting multibuys or bundles such as 2-for-1, BOGOF or meal deals.

Once you’ve created a multibuy deal you can of course rotate overstocked items into it as required – and the beauty of stickers is that they can be used for any number of different products without the need to redesign or update them.


Where next?

Let us know your best printing ideas in the comments, or head over to the Retail Collection for more inspiration.


24 Aug 2016 10:35
Great points!
28 Aug 2016 13:37
Really interesting, great advice :)
Stuart Glegg
30 Aug 2016 19:57
What's the big difference between silk and satin? Totally different price.
Larissa Hirst
31 Aug 2016 15:06
Hi Stuart,

Which product are you referring to please?

I'll have a look into it,

01 Sep 2016 09:09
This is helpful - any ideas for online shops?
28 Feb 2017 12:40
great suggestions, like the idea of including a discount code on postcards to track effectiveness

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