Product update - weatherproof posters

Weather - it's the national preoccupation. Let's face it we have more than our fair share here on our fair island. Especially at this less than temperate part of the year. So what better time to launch our latest outdoor poster stock, the marvellously monikered Weatherproof.

This tough blighter is a tear-proof and scratch-resistant material made from an ultra-durable polypropylene. Its silk coating and high-white colour help give good image definition, and ensure vibrant colours and excellent readability on your finished print. In short it can cope with pretty much anything Blighty can throw its way and still show off your show or display your promotion in style

A great choice for outdoor advertising boards, signage, bus shelter graphics, or hanging on kiosks. 

Learn more or leap in and give it a try here.

weatherproof outdoor posters

As always we love, love, love to see what you do, so why not share your finished prints with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?


20 Apr 2016 11:51
excellent, perfect for winter craft stall holders
18 Dec 2016 12:06
yes, great for outdoor events
15 Mar 2017 09:19
perfect for summer festival stands too when it's guaranteed to rain!

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