Product update - tearproof business cards

In the hazy, distant days of late January we added a new and exciting stock to - that stock was Tearproof. It was introduced to leaflets and flyers to give you durable wipe-clean menus and hard-wearing handouts.

So we put on our thinking caps and thought about what other print products need to stay looking pristine while possibly taking a bit more wear and tear than typical, and the answer seemed obvious. So prepare to be wowed by the staying power of our new tearproof business cards.

Dropped on the floor? No problem. Flicked and fiddled with in a nervous moment? They'll shrug it off and keep on helping you network like a boss.

They'll laugh off spilt drinks in bars, sweaty palms and even, well see for yourself...


Stay tuned for the next instalment of the tearproof trials, where our daring business card faces the terrifying claws adorable pet kitty cat. Awww...

Or catch them on our YouTube channel here.


27 Feb 2016 10:49
Brilliant idea :D
Emlyn Miles
01 Mar 2016 10:44
So are these printed on some environmentally horric stock that makes them not able to be recycled by the end user?
08 Mar 2016 10:43
Hi Emlyn - thanks for commenting. The stock is recyclable as a plastic :)
05 May 2016 13:51
these look good
15 Mar 2017 09:06
having seen this, gonna have to search out the next kitty claw trial blog lol!

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