Product update - mesh banners

Wind isn't just the enemy of the carefully-coiffed head of hair, it's also the bane of banner putter-uppers everywhere. When it goes up it's a beautifully-hung colourful beacon of messaging brilliance, then a stiff breeze comes along and it discovers a second life as a sail.

Defeat the flapping and throw those anchors away with the magic of mesh. This wind-permeable wonder stock simply lets those westerlies continue on their way and keeps your banner where you want it. 

Not great as a wind break admittedly, but they do have the added bonus of being lighter than your average banner which makes them super-portable, plus they are handily fire retardant (rating B1), and they don't block out the light. Now that's what you call a triple-threat.

Try out our new banner stock here!



Keziah Herbert
30 Mar 2016 14:55
I'm looking forward to trying these out.
Wind is not your friend with banners normally!
09 Apr 2016 00:04
you guys don't seem to rest
20 Apr 2016 11:54
fantastic :D
15 Mar 2017 09:53
these look great
02 Nov 2017 17:08
What size is the banner the image?

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