Advertisement Guest Blog: Why you should be taking an interest in Pinterest

Guest blogger: Robbie George, George Social Media

What drove more web traffic in January 2012 than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined? Pinterest. This platform is the hottest name in social media at the moment and is set to be one of the stars of 2012 in the social space. Pinterest boasts 17 million unique visitors every day. That is 5th with only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ boasting more. It’s the fastest site to reach 10 million users. I hope you are catching my drift here. Without wanting to be fact heavy, you should understand that Pinterest is cool and it is going to be huge this year. If Pinterest lends itself to your business and you have enough visual content available to use it to build your brand, then it’s a no brainer. So, how do we use it effectively?   

Firstly, the clue is in the name. Pinterest. This social platform is all about sharing what you are INTERESTED in and following those who share your interests. The way for your business to be successful on Pinterest is to create visually stimulating content that will grab the attention of your target market.

Use your brand

You have got to leverage your brand values. Create boards around what your business stands for and the nature of your brand. Pinterest offers a fantastic window into your business that other social platforms fall down on. Users will not follow you to get an insight into your prices or special offers. They will follow you because something about your company falls into their interests. The visual nature of the platform entices users and allows your business to communicate its brand values. 

Examples of how to use

Own a restaurant? Engage your target market and food lovers by taking pictures of your meals & chefs in action. Make quick 2-5 minute videos showing cooking tips of quick snacks/recipes. 

Are you a designer? Pin pictures of your favourite designs and work. Pin works of others that inspire you. Re-Pin others designs that you like. 

Run a marketing/digital/web agency? Give users an insight into your corporate identity! Show them what it’s like to work at your business and the nature of the company. When consumers begin to like, know and trust your business, they will purchase from it. Check out Klout on Pinterest for an example of this.

Pinterest works by mapping what is known as the interest graph. This is especially interesting as it is scratching an itch left behind by MySpace! Much like Tumblr, Pinterest is allowing people to enjoy content discovery. People want to connect with those that share the same interests, and the visual nature of Pinterest makes this platform especially exciting as let’s be honest, people prefer looking at pictures and watching videos than reading chunks of text!  

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